? about feeding worms Orange peals

mherron2213July 7, 2013

Are orange peals good for worms - same ? lemon peals

Thanks - Mike

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

I feed citrus peels to my bin without any problems. You probably wouldn't want to feed just citrus peels but mixed in with other kitchen waste it should be fine.

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I had the same experience as Boreal. My worms were just fine with orange peels, especially if they were ground up with other kitchen waste.

Orange peels do have an oil which the worms do not care for, but a little mold will break that down, then the worms will have a feast. It may take a few days before the orange peels are edible for the worms. Just let them go moldy, and don't worry about them.

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My guys love, love grapefruit. I also feed lemon, lime etc in moderation

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"In moderation" is the key to just about anything we toss in the bin. There are exceptions, like bedding or horse manure. In general, if something is questionable, "in moderation" is your answer.

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Once it's rotting, the worms will be all over it

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Mmmmm, I love lifting the lid and having my compost smell like citrus. It smells so fresh. Nice change from the smell of broccoli, etc.

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Just need to be careful with the citrus fruit can decrease the pH too much. I was reading that the ground oyster shell used for chickens or crushed eggshells can be used to bring pH up if needed. In addition, the oils contain antibacterial qualities that if in too high quantities can be detrimental to your vermiculture. I have attached a link that has some good information about "Dangerous Worm Food"

Here is a link that might be useful: Dangerous worm food

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