Trellis for grape vines

ylmzmJune 10, 2013

I plan to build a lyre trellis in my backyard orchard. I have 8 grape vines in each row, two rows total. The grape vines are spaced 8 ft apart, and there is 10 ft spacing between rows.

The end post of the trellis will be pretty close to the property border fence, so I have little space left there (about 3-4 ft). Because of this, I cannot incline the end post 60 degrees and add an anchor.

The question: Can I keep the end post vertical by using concrete? (Dig a 12" hole, put the end post in, and fill with concrete). Any other recommendations? The soil is mostly clay (45% clay content).

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If the posts are 8 feet in length I would dig the holes 18 inches deep.

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