Honeysuckle with black spots - leaves turn yellow - fall off

techigirl78June 2, 2011

My honeysuckles haven't liked the weather this year. It has been very cold and rainy. I already cut down 1 of 4 of my plants as it had barely any leaves on it and looked dead. Now, the others have leaves with black spots that turn yellow and fall off. It is starting from the bottom and interior of the plants.

This has happened in previous years (I have had them about 4), but always in august or september and never this bad.

Is this powerdery mildew or black spot? Something else? What is the best treatment? I would really hate to lose these as they bring constant hummers to my yard.

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thistle(ontario 5b)

I have the same thing happening this Year.I am sure it is Blackspot.I have been using a fungicide and it seems to be helping,at least it is getting any worse,and the Bush is looking really healthy apart from the already infected Leaves.

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