rooting muscadine grape vines still attached to the mother plant

MacGyver123June 22, 2011

Has anyone tried this.I took 5 - five gal buckets and filled them up with rich black dirt and placed them next to some of my muscadine grape vines. I took some long runners and about midway of the runners a picked off the leaves and buried this part of the runner about a third the way down in the bucket, I left a couple of feet of the runner sticking out of the bucket along with leaving the runner attached to the mother plant.I am thinking i will leave it in the bucket till spring and then cut the vine away from the mother plant, by this time it should have roots i think??? Will this process only produce vines? or will it eventually produce vines that will grow grapes? I 'am new at this rerooting thing but i'am having fun trying. Thanks for any imput.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You've chosen one of the most common and successful forms of asexual propagation called layering. It occurs in nature and is soooo easy to copy according to our own terms. Come spring, you should be able to sever the new plantlet from the mother plant. Yes, it will be a fruit producing vine.

Don't be tempted to pull up your runner to check on progress. As a matter of fact, you should secure it in some fashion so that it doesn't come 'undone'. Also, your buckets of rich, black soil need to be watched so that they don't become waterlogged and soggy. Even the best garden soil can turn into something 'different' when put into the confines of a container. Hopefully, you put drainage holes in the buckets.

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Thanks Rhizo for replyingto my question.Yes i did drill holes in the bottom sides of the buckets. Thanks again for your help.


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