PSA - Morning Glory seeds do overwinter in zone 5

mehearty(So ME z5a)June 8, 2008

Yikes! I thought I was safe planting MGs last year since I thought for sure the seeds would not survive our winter. I decided not to plant MG again this year, since the vines were a JB magnet last year. But man! I've been pulling up seedlings left & right this spring. I know there are some hidden that will show up much later. I'm shocked that those seeds were hardy here. Just a fair warning. =)

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Hello mehearty - It sure sounds like you planted Ipomoea species that have seeds that will survive your cold winters,although if you wanted to try any other MG species there most definitely are different species which will not self sow in your area.

The words "Morning Glory" are general words that could refer to a large number of different species
Ipomoea tricolor will not self re-seed in cold zones although other common species like I.purpurea,I.hederacea and less often I.nil can potentially self reseed in the colder zones.

Seedpod of Ipomoea purpurea Morning Glory which are very cold hardy and self resow very reliably

May I suggest growing a species that is definitely not cold hardy and consequently WILL NOT self resow in your zone and that is e.g., Ipomoea tricolor et al I will mention...

Ipomoea nil doubles produces few seeds.

The flowers on the following often remain open for several days...

Ipomoea indica - mostly clonal which produced no seeds and roots are very cold hardy
Ipomoea indica in the PlantFiles...

Merremia dissecta - not cold hardy

The particular shapes of the seeds,cotyledons,sepals and as to whether relevant ID structures are hairy or glabrous are very important identificational keys to use in determing the botanical identity of a Morning Glory species...

Seeds are often misidentified and / or otherwise mislabeled from the various is a link to entries with accurate photos of Ipomoea tricolor

The seedpods of Ipomoea tricolor remain erect and the plant has no small hairs anywhere on the entire plant
Ipomoea tricolor in the PlantFiles

Threads where the subject as per the seeds of certain species successfully self resowing has been addressed previously

Hope this information may be helpful to you and for any others interested in the topic...

Best Regards,...


Here is a link that might be useful: Morning Glory photos added to the PlantFiles by Ron_Convolvulaceae

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Typo correction to Ipomoea indica

The description before the url addresses should read

Ipomoea indica - mostly clonal which produces no seeds and roots are NOT very cold hardy

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Wow thank you, Ron! That was really nice of you to post all of that great information.

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