I think I have a MG but I am not sure!

josemeJune 28, 2010

The picture below shows the vine that is growing in my pot.I think it is a morning glory but the stem and leaves are not that hard.Can someone identify this vine?

Thank You

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Yes, looks like either Ipomoea hederacea or Ipomoea nil...both of these are most commonly a blue color

There is even 1 leaf in the lower left of the 2nd photo that looks like (perhaps) either Ipomoea coccinea or Ipomoea hederifolia and these 2 species may have smaller blooms that are a reddish ,orange or yellow color...

Please post a closeup of any flowerbuds when they develop and I can narrow the ID for you...

Hope that helps...



P.S. - Did you plant any MG's (?) or are the plants volunteers (?)

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P.P.S. - There are also a couple of leaves in the lower left of the 2nd photo which are completely cordate (i.e., heart shaped) and this may be Ipomoea purpurea...

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Thanks Ron,that was so helpful!!I will post the pics when the flowers show up!!


P.S -my friend gave me the seeds saying its a flowering plant.

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