What type of trellis for potato vine?

jdrobisonJune 15, 2010


We're building a trellis to create a green wall using potato vine (Solanum Laxum). Will the vine grow up a fence or wall on its own or does it need something like wire mesh to cling to? And if it's needs a wire mesh, how small should the wire be and how far apart can the spacing of the grid be?

I don't know much about vines but I've seen some that are capable of "sticking" to a wall or fence. I've seen others that will wrap themselves around the trellis wood (I'm thinking of that basket-weave kind of trellis you can buy in sections at Home Depot) and then I've seen others that need something more like cable wire or wire mesh to grab onto. What does the potato vine grow best on?



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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

S laxum and is also known as Solanum jasminoides 'Album'. It cannot cling to walls by itself. It climbs by twining its leaf petioles around whatever it can find. A trellis, wire mesh or wires would do. I have seen it described as jasmine scented but mine has no scent at all. Be aware that all parts are poisonous.

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