Did your Star (Confederate) Jasmine survive the freeze?

roselee z8b S.W. TexasMarch 8, 2010

My huge 20 year old Star Jasmines planted on a chain link fence in two locations froze to the ground. The stems were split and the bark peeling off all the way to the bottom. They did this once before in the mid 80s and came back from the roots.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm considering killing any new growth (hate to do that, but ...) and replacing them with the more freeze tolerant Madison Star Jasmine, which was discovered in Madison, GA., but before I do that I want to be reasonably sure the Madison's survived.

When I looked for named Madison's several years ago without success one nurseryman told me that when a superior cultivar comes out that is not easily ID'd most growers will propagate it without naming it. But of course I'm not sure that would be the case with every grower.

However, my next door neighbor planted Star Jasmines from Lowes last year on their chain link fence and the very tops froze, but a lot more survived at the bottom than mine did so that leads me to think they were "Madisons".

So, did your's planted in the open survive and if it did how long since you planted it, since that might be an indication whether it is the freeze tolerant Madison variety?

I wish I knew exactly when the Madison was released, but I don't. Thank you for any pieces to this puzzle you can add.

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Hi Roselee, okay, I don't know if they are the Madison variety but the first one was planted in the fall of 2004. It is on the north side and there have been a few leaves here and there that brown up over the winter
The others are totally exposed and a few leaves here and there get nipped, some were planted in 2006,07, 08 and 09

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Thanks Jolana. It encourages me to know that you have some Star Jasmines that have not been killed to the ground.

I found a post discussing the Madison variety in '04 so it's been around for awhile. However, the discussion on the post isn't clear on whether they are talking about the frost tolerance of Madisons only or is about other varieties as well. Perhaps there have always been some varieties that are frost tolerant, but weren't recognized as such.

BTW, it was in the mid 90s when mine froze before. Whatever, I seem to have gotten ahold of a very tender variety :-(

Here is a link that might be useful: Discussion of Madisons on the Fragrant Plant Forum ...

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Roselee, I have one planted about 10 or 12 years ago, and it has no damage to speak of. I do not know if it is a Madison or not.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have rooting off of a confederate jasmine that I planted more than 20 years ago. The Parent plant went through the 2 degree night in '89, and it's baby has gone through unscathed in the hills west of Austin. I think we hit 12. It is planted under a tree. I do not know what type of confederate jasmine that it is. I always thought that star jasmine was different from confederate, It's blossoms larger, thinner petals and definitely more vulnerable. than the confederate.

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I've had Madison jasmine on a chain-link fence for five years and it didn't even blink at the the 14 degrees that froze my water pipes. The neighbor's carport is just a couple of feet away on the east side so maybe that provided some protection.

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Mara, I thought they were different as well but I have noticed some of the tags have both names on them and most people say they are the same, off to google, lol

R H, did your tag say Madison, how did you know you were getting one and where did you get it?
Thanks, jolana

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Well, that did it. Not going through the hassel of cutting the frozen vines off the fence again, not to speak of missing this years blooms, so I went to Lowe's and bought jasmines labeled 'Madison' for $8.99.

They had other Confederate/Star Jasmines that were not labeled 'Madison'. They were less, but not worth it.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I really appreciate it.

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Lowes, huh? Thanks Roselee
Roselee, do you remember if the were the same size and from the same grower?

Well, I googled and it says they are the same so maybe what we are seeing is the difference between the Madison and the others

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Jolana, they were the same size plant and apparently from a different grower. The Madison's were Lowe's 'brand' and the others were Color Spot.

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Okay, I am headed up there, thank you so much

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

OK I bumped this old thread up, because I am interested in how your Madison star jasmine is doing in thised lst freeze. My jazzmine that did not flinch in last years freeze has turn brown in this years cold snap. I am where you were a year ago.I am just looking for an update before I get the machete out.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Mara, get your machete out. I planted three gallon size Madisons last year after my regular one froze. Two of them took off and one just sat there. The two healthy ones were not fazed, but the 'sitter' had browned leaves although the bark is still green. I'm going to give it a little special care to get it going this year.

Also my neighbor planted a Jasmine two years ago and hers was not affected in the least; not one brown leaf. I didn't see the tag, but it must be a Madison, or another cold hardy cultivar. Neither one of us covered our jasmines during the freezing weather.

My old frozen jasmine tried to come back from the roots in a few places, but I kept cutting it off and putting a drop of broad leaf weed killer on the cut stem to kill it, because I didn't want it growing up among the Madisons and making a really big entwined mess when it froze and the Madison didn't.

Anyway, if anyones Star Jasmine froze back find a Madison variety to replace it with. Star Jasmine is well worth having. It's beautifully everygreen if a Madison, plus I look forward to the weeks of wonderful wafting fragrance it provides every spring.

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Lynn Marie

Thanks for bumping up this thread. I planted a star jasmine last fall thinking it would be evergreen. It is dead. I'll head to Lowe's to look for a Madison this weekend.

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I am in the DFW area and my 2 Confederate Jasmines turned brown after the February freeze. I put a root stimulator on them 2 weeks ago, keeping them watered and all I have gotten are a couple of green buds on each. I am torn between hanging in there and taking them down. They are 10' vines climbing the west side of my house. Thoughts?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I'm sorry that your ten foot jasmines suffered damage. On a wall a few of the stems may have been protected and will sprout leaves and come back. Check to see if the bark is split on the other stems. If it is, in my experience, those stems are goners. But perhaps you can remove them and by leaving live ones it will recover. Sometimes that's a hassel and it's easier to just cut back the whole thing. Years ago I did that with the vine on my fence and it all came back from the roots. Last year when it happened again I knew about the more tolerant Madison variety and started over with them. I wish you luck with saving your vine.

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gigim(8A SC)

I planted several star jasmine vines on a chain link fence in a southern exposure last spring. The leaves turned red over the winter and now are a very light green. Just a very small amount of growth so far. I read "1st year sleep, 2nd year creep, 3rd year leap", do I just need to be patient? Am planning on feeding my roses the alfa alfa tea I am brewing - would this be good for my vines? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I just went out to check the label and the 'Madison' Jasmine in the front yard (north) has no freeze damage at all and is full of buds. The jasmine on the south side of the house has vines that froze but still some green and a few buds. Can this vine be propagated at home? I like the appearance of the 'Madison' to the other nameless variety.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Yes, this third year my Madison Confederate Jasmine has really taken off and is blooming now. I'm sure yours will appreciate alfalfa tea.

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gigim(8A SC)

Polar vortex really did a number on my jasmine. All the leaves are brown and dead, bark of main vines coming up from the ground is split. Some of the vines are not dry and brittle. Was SO looking forward to this year as I really hoped it would finally take off (3rd year). How long should I give it before I pull it out and start over or how can I tell if it is a lost cause?

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My Confederate Star Jasmine has been in the ground since 2008. Most of it froze this winter. It has some green on the bottom and interior.

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Lynn Marie

Didn't realize what an old thread this was, but I'll comment. My Madison star confederate jasmine did fine when it got down to 20 degrees last week, but MY FREAKING CAROLINA JASMINE DIED RIGHT BEFORE IT BLOOMED!!! So upset! It seems it might come back, but I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Neither mine nor my neighbor's Madison variety Confederate Jasmine suffered any damage from the recent freezes.

The common variety of star jasmine may come back from the roots; mine used to, but it will just freeze again.

If replacing the cold sensitive variety with Madison be sure to dig it out or it will be a big mess if it intertwines with the Madison.

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My parents planted confederate jasmine on a arbor at least 10 yrs ago and it has never froze. They even had snow this year and it still looks great

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My 12 year old Madison Conferate Jasmine took a real beating due toPolar Vortex. All the leaves are brown. It has never done anything like this before. I think I will leave it alone and see if it leafs out again.
If it does the brown leaves will probably just drop off. I was so looking
forward to it's blooming. Last year it was so beautiful

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Fernzilla, I see you live in Memphis. How low did the temps get there for your Madison to suffer leaf damage?

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I lost all my Madison Star. It is taking a lot of time to get it off the fences. So disappointed! I shopped for weeks to find this variety just so this wouldn't happen.
Help-I need a vine that will stay green all winter and can tolerate shade.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Taterbug and fernzilla, I'm so sorry you both had cold damage to your Madison variety of star jasmine. I know how hard it is to get off the fence. There are still pieces from my first jasmine plants stuck in the chain link.

I'm not sure just how cold tolerant it is, but I wonder if the dry ground from the drought might have possibly had something to do with the damage since well hydrated plants (other than succulents) can better resist freezing temperatures. My and the neighbors Madison plants stay watered from the washing machine that drains to the area.

I hope someone has suggestions for another vine to try.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Incidentally, if looking for a replacement for Star Jasmine, Asian jasmine will bloom if allowed to climb fences and trees. The blooms are not quite as numerous as the Star, but very fragrant.

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bearthompson(7A-7B border (Northern VA))

I'm in Zone 7 Northern Virginia (Washington, DC suburbs), and have two large "Madison" Confederate Jasmine on my back wood fence that I had planted in spring/summer 2012. They weathered their first (very mild) winter without any difficulty, but after this brutal past winter, they look completely dead. I'm hoping they'll come back from the roots. My Gardenias ("Kleim's Hardy," "Pinwheel," and "Heaven Scent" -- the "Kleim's Hardy" was 10-15 years old)) and Himalayan Windmill palms (Trachycarpus) look about dead as well, although there are a few tiny buds and leaves on the bases of some of the Gardenias.

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Mine froze completely to the ground and came back from the roots (Austin area). They're about 6-8 inches high at this point.

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