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decogrlJune 4, 2008

I am designing a wet area mostly full sun need something flowering and or possibly evergreen to hide ugly chain link fence

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Flowering for wet area,
Hibiscus, will grow tall, loves wet and full sun.
Perenial hibiscus, burpee sells the seeds, they are perenial, will come back, will grow about 5-6 feet tall.
There are hundreds of varieties to choose from.
Check Burpees web site out.
It's a little late to plant seeds now though.
Good Luck!

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I just got my mother-in-law a Hakiro Nishiri Willow for just such a spot.

Its not evergreen, but it should be fine in the area


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Well...since this is the vines forum, I think I'll suggest some vines. I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that the area has very moist soil but not continuously standing water. If its the later, I know of no vines that will tolerate that condition and you need to look into those curly willows Chills suggestion. Or correct the drainage with dry wells, channel drains, etc., or divert the water to a bog garden.

Here is a list of vines that will tolerate wet soil and full sun:

Actinidia kolomikta - Hardy Kiwi -Males have variegated foliage that will appear in a few years

Actinidia polygama - Silver Vine - If you have cats they will love this! It is a hallucinogen like catnip. Other peoples cats will soon consider your yard THE place to party, a feline vacation destination.

One of the disease and pest resistant honeysuckles. Lonicera periclymenum (Woodbine) and Lonicera brownii (Brown's Honeysuckle) should take the wet soil and full sun without developing powdery mildew and aphids.

Clematis virginiana - Devils Darning Needles

Gelsemium rankii - Swamp Jessamine. I have to admit this is marginally hardy in your area so you need to consider the microclimate. If it would be exposed to prevailing winds or would be in a low spot (thus the wet soil), forget it. You'll never see a bloom. Also, if that chainlink fence is there to keep an animal inside, all Jessamines are extremely toxic to animals.

Another possibility is to replace the fence, or put up another with more appeal than chainlink. This will give you many more options. Lots of perennials consider wet soil and sun a plant paradise.

Who owns the fence? You or the neighbors? Do you want to give them a voice in the decision? Hard to believe, but some people actually like the look of chainlink and are convinced that growing anything on it will tear it down or shorten its useful life. Check out the neighbors other yard art. If there are any Pink Flamingos, Geese with Wardrobes, or Madonnas on the Half Shell, you're going to have a tough sell.

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