heavenly blue morning glorys

filixJune 29, 2007

Gota luv em. filix

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Yeah, what's not to love? :)

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bluebars(7 MD)

Oh these are absolutely gorgeous on the white picket fence! (MG newbie here)--I thought these required full sun, but yours seem to be growing in the shade of a large tree? They obviously get just the right amount of sun--what's the minimum hours of full sun required?
Also, are there pink ones on the left, or is that just the color of the finished flower as it curls up?

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Thankyou. They get less than half days sun. The pink ones you see are just what you said, blue ones curled up. filix

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what a beautiful picture! ... did you start the vine indoors? ... if so, when? ... i direct seeded the end of april & i have *ONE* sprout ... and it is only 6" high!

i am HUGELY jealous ... phyl

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Thankyou. And yes I started everything early. My canna's are huge and have been blooming for three weeks. I started everything in a cold frame in the middle of march.I have since added a wire fence to the back of this wood fence to hold up my cup and saucer vine, purple hyacinth vine, scarlet runner bean vine, sweet peas, and a new sweet autumn clematis. Boy that cup and saucer vine drinks more water than my canna's! filix

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