anyone else listen to their worms

tango_il(5b)July 10, 2008

When I started my bin earlier this year, I'll admit that I'd listen to them squirm through the bedding during feedings.

Wasnt nuts enough to talk to them though.

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LOL, so what made you go more nuts?

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I haven't listened to my worms, except when I am feeding the bin and I can hear them kinda squirming around. It's a wet squooshie sound.

I only talk to the escapees when I find them in the catch-tray under the bin. I ask them why they went down when the bin manufactuer assured me that the the worms would go up into the next tray when they had consumed all the food and bedding in the lower tray. I ask them if they need me to read the instructions to them so they know what to do.

I remind them that their job is to eat stuff and make compost, not to slip down to the 'beach' and lolly-gag around down there in the mud. And lastly I remind them that the road to composting excellence is an uphill road and they should be looking to improve themselves through abundant eating, mating and pooing. Cheryl

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seamommy, you made me laugh out loud!
I think I will go right this minute and try giving my worms a little lecture about the proper use of their bin. They just won't stay out of the basement!

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Yup some worms prefer the pent house, some the midlevel apartments and some are forever basement bargain shopping.

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folly_grows(10 SF by the Bay)

My hearing must be bad, I don't hear anything. I love watching the way they slide through the bedding and would be delighted to hear a little rustle or sqoosh.

However, I have noticed that my DH says hello and good-bye to the worms as he walks past them on his way to/from the house.


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I've never heard mine either. Maybe I'm talking to them too much. lol

That's funny that your hubby talks to the worms as he walks by Folly. Mine doesn't look a them, but he does affectionately call them "the lads."

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evoluke(Adelaide SA)

I gave mine a big chunk of watermelon (knowing that they would jump on it). The next day I snuck up on my bin and lifted the lid quickly so I could hear them, what a cool sound. Maybe tomorrow I'll record them and put it on youtube.

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OK homework assignment is in order.

If you love your worms and havent heard them squirming around, go listen to them 'squooshy' around at least once!

In exchange, I'll give my worms a pep talk. Those have been reserved lately for the tomatoes that are stubborn to ripen.

happy gardening :)

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