UPDATE: Traveling Daylilies (Pictures 4)

brittneysgranAugust 17, 2007

We're rolling now, starting the 4th picture thread. Hopefully this makes it easier for those on dial up to view.

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Aurora's Wedding

Abodacious Pattern

So Excited

Eye In The Sky

Peasant King

Brer Rabbits Baby


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I asked for help on the last photo thread.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Thanks for the new thread Shirley! I should have some pics later today. I ended up not taking any yesterday 'cause my hands were full. ; )

Marea...i'm still looking. : ) You know, i've never been good at IDing DL's.
Where are our pro's??? Cindy? Sharon?

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Marea-I looked up several daylily sites but have not found it yet. It sure is a pretty one.

Dawn-Woo Hoo looking forward to more pictures.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Still no ideas for you yet Marea. Can you tell me if it's closer to pink or peach? It's looking really "peachy" on my monitor.

Thank you for the beautiful DL's Shirley. I love them all but think i'm partial to 'Abodacious Pattern'. I've always loved "soft" looking DL's.

So I mentioned that my sis & I took the babies to "Critter Country". It's a local place that houses all sorts of exotic animals. The owner told us that many of them are rescued. This place is only about 3 miles from where we live....I can't believe we've never gone there yet! It was great fun!

Here's niece Brooklyn in the drivers seat w/ Talon in the back....

That's the spider monkey cage just beyond the stroller....

Have you ever had Camel saliva on your hands???? Was a first for me. : )

This chicken followed us around the whole time trying to steal our critter food....

They had so many beautiful birds there...peacocks, ostrich, fancy chickens, turkeys, etc......

Many of them were being followed by their tiny babies. The peacock babies were precious!

No, this isn't Rudolph. But I think it's a relative, lol...


Here is my sister trying to get critter food out of Brooklyn's mouth. I think she ate more than the critters!

It was hard to take pics 'cause we ended up leaving the stroller behind and carrying the babies. Between that and carrying the critter food our hands were full! We had lots of laughs and will definately be going back for another visit. So neat to have this place close to home.

Hope you don't mind all the pics. I have some updated ones of the house. DH is working his behind off and the bricklaying is going great.

Both back porch area's are done...

This is our finished master bedroom side. Anyone got any suggestions as to what color to paint the door? I really wanted to do something "fun".....

Ignore all the plastic & junk laying everywhere....DH hasn't had time to clean things up yet. We had a very windy day up there and it made a mess.
He is over there now working on the front. It shouldn't be too much longer before the bricklaying is done. He is leaving up the scaffolding so he can do the soffit & fascia next.

And here is my big boy sitting in his Bumbo seat for the first time.....

And here he is today....3 mos. old!!

That's it for now. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: Dianne.....thinking about you. : )

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Thanks so much for trying to find that ID, you two!
Probably not worth searching, it does look like loads of cultivars. Was supposed to be 'Hombre', sent in a trade from one of the TD's, but it's another noid that I love anyway...

And thanks so much for taking us along on that truley fun critter outing, Dawn! Camel saliva ~ what a special gift LOL
My gracious, the time has flown ~ hard to believe your healthy, happy Talon is 3 months and such a personality already, let alone big cousin Brooklyn!!

Shirley, my fav is Abodacious Pattern - what a luscious watercolor! Beautiful photos as usual!

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Gosh Marea and Dawn I think everyone in our group has gone on vacation leaving us three. Where is everyone?

Dawn-I love going to places like Critter Country...My brother just called and told me he is bringing me a pair of Indian Runner ducks. I googled them and can't wait until he brings them. They don't waddle they run!!!!!What fun they will be . I really want to see what Dawson will do when he sees them. The house is coming along great, hope someone can help you on the door color. My DD helps me with all my paint colors. Talon is a beautiful little boy as you well know.

Marea-Yes daylily Abodacious Pattern is a nice one. My DS loves buying cameras and he brings me his old ones. I told him I really like this last one he gave me, it takes good pictures.


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Hello. I guess everybody is outside enjoying their garden :-). A couple of plumeria blooms for you. I lost a whole bunch over the winter and am slowly replacing certain ones... trying not to go overboard again. It's difficult.

Lemon Lime

Cancun Dreams

I'm going to a compost workshop this Saturday. It's at the Los Angeles Arboretum, so I'll try to take some photos of the gardens there.


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Paul, they are so breathtaking, I can see how you could go overboard with them!

I did a ton of searching and finally found the name of one of my 'keeper' daylily crosses from this year. I've shown you the picture before, but can't resist posting it again.

Marea, this is a tall one. :o)

Chance Encounter X Bella Serra, planted '05.

Shot with FinePix 3800 at 2007-06-27

I know it is nothing special, but it is a nice tall one with a big flower. I need to move it to the back of a bed. Right now it is in the front row. LOL

I harvested my first seeds today from it. I crossed it with Ida Belle De Boer. Got just 2 seeds. :o(
What I was thinking when I crossed it, I have no idea. I should have crossed it with another taller daylily!

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Sharon, we just have different criteria - I think that sdlg is STUNNING, even if it is similar to others!! Love the color.
I've harvested just one seed pod so far, Jimmy Crackcorn x Bela Lugosi, & got a whole 4 seeds, but have lots ripening, including 3 on Bela x Create Your Dream that I'm particularly excited about. Did you see the pod bouquet I posted for you in the last thread? lol

Thanks for plumeria photos dear Paul! Mine hasn't flowered this year, but at least it is growing for me, just like my Brugs...

LOOK at what Carol sent me in our 10 daylily swap!!

Carol you managed to send me 10 daylilies on my wishlist & I am WILDLY happy with my box, including the little ted bear holding a red daylily, the beautiful basket of heart candles, the dragonfly rock (I've got a dragonfly collection in with my frogs) AND the knee pads!! Thank you so much!
I am going back out now to do the happy dance while I get them soaking..

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Marea, I saw that 'pod bouquet'! I loved it!
Bela x Create Your Dream sounds like a wonderful cross ... I'd be excited over those too!

Carol, you sent a great box to Marea ... to have found 10 dl's that were on her wishlist is fantastic.


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Peacock among the daylilies at the Los Angeles Arboretum

Scary looking caterpillar. It's amazing how the butterflies find the passion vine to lay their eggs.

I was so excited to see this bud on the bishop's hat, but the next morning it was done. I totally missed it... LOL.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Paul, I have the variegated brother to your Euphorbia if you would like a piece. A couple of the "arms" are getting heavy and need to be cut off.

little stinker

big stinker. Both decided to bloom on the same day. I couldn't go outside on the deck :).

Daylily Shrimp and Grits

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Wow Paul & Canna! You both have totally made my day with all that eye candy! Gorgeous pics!!!

Love the Peacock (of course) and those stinkies are bloomin' beauties!! Love 'lil stinker. I think I have big stinker...our dear Susan sent it to me a long time ago and i've seen (and smelled) it bloom twice. : )

Neat cat Paul! If you didn't already know, it's a Gulf Fritillary and feeds on Passion flower vine. It's usually found in the southern states around the Gulf of Mexico. Must have wanted to take a vacation in LA, lol! The butterfly is orange w/ silver spots. Love 'em!

Here's a Spicebush Swallowtail my DH found over at our new house and we love him 'cause he looks like he's smiling.

We found a green Spicebush Swallowtail the day before. : )
I look forward to the day when Talon & I get to search for & identify caterpillars together.

Paul, Talon is big enough to wear his Angel's onesies. I'll have pics soon.

Marea, so funny about Amanda on the unnamed DL swap thread! Thanks for sending me over there....I enjoyed the pics. : )

Welp, almost done with the brickwork. DH took the evening off on Wed. He was exhausted and needed the rest. Yesterday he cut the grass over there...it was HIGH as an elephant's eye! He'll be back at it today. I'm so excited that he's almost done!

Here's my giant boy...he's growing like a weed!

This pic is called, "Why Mom?"

He rolled over for the first time this past week! Can you believe I actually captured it on my cell phone cam!!

And guess who's ONE year old today????

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

My whole family took her to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Talon & I are so sad to be missing out on the fun, but I thought we'd just be holding everyone back if we went. Talon eats like every 1 1/2 hours and we are constantly changing diapies. : ) We'll go in the Spring when he's a little older and can enjoy it more.
Her birthday party is on Sunday. We can't wait!!!

Well, I just heard my telephone jingle. I'll bet it's pictures from the Zoo! I better go check......


~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

That photo of Brooklyn is SO happy making!!

Here is 'Wisest of Wizards' and 'Black Spot' - my camera somehow got purple & red confused this year, I must read that instruction book - this shot shows the velvet texture, anyhow...

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Thank you for complimenting my photos! Thus enthused, here are the parents of one of my favorite batches of seeds:

(Magic Amethyst x Spartacus Adorned) ~m'

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WOW Mareas..Love the bottom one..Gorgeous
Being Magic Amethyst x Sparacus Adorned
I love Reds..hehe


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Great pictures everyone. No pictures here, just comments. LOL

Dawn, the kids look great, hubby and the house too. I got a kick out of the smiling catapillar.

Marea, oh, I love that seed cross! Did I ever mention that the Magic Amethyst you so nicely sent me didn't make it through the winter. :o( Last winter/Feb especially/was very hard on my new daylilies.

Rebecca, oh, I love that Shrimp and Grits ... the name too. LOL The euphorias are really cool looking! If I had room in my house I would have a couple. I have been going nuts over clivia, and have a zillion, so not much room for anything else. :o(


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Ok, had to send a picture too sister in law, so I did a few you guys. Click on pic for bigger image.

Innocent Blush still blooming ... a rebloom. :o)
Have one more bud to go. :o) It is a little pinker than what my camera is showing.

We had my brother and sil over for dinner last night so I picked an of summer bouquet for them. Dahlia's and strawflowers.
Also on the table, which they couldn't make heads or tails of was this 'bouquet'. LOL This bouquet came about because I moved a couple daylilies and took the pods off since I couldn't bare to lose them.
Here is hubby at the back of the cottage ... We stained the stump, it is one of the poles for our cloths(towel, bathingsuit) line. We can't bare the thought of it decaying. See the hole in the stump ... birds make their nest inside of the tree there.

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Love all the new pictures.

Canna-Shrimp and Grits is going on my want list....I love it.

Sharon-I love the big dahlia in your arrangement..do you know the name of it? That's neat that the birds make a nest in the tree stump. I see where your kids got their beautiful skin tone...lucky them.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Ooh Sharon! REBLOOM in Michigan! And such a pretty pink, looks alot like my Huck x Big Blue sdlg. Of course, it is a Stamile pink ~ one of the finest things on Earth IMHO ;-)
I figured out this year that i think so since I discovered that i had like a dozen of them! Galaxy Explosion & Broadway Jazz are blooming this morning, the last of this year's blooms. This year my rebloom scapes all came up right after or during the first bloom.
Sorry about your Magic Amethyst ~ we will have to try again in the Spring so that we can compare crosses...
I'm glad you knew others would appreciate your beautiful seedpod bouquet when you noticed those in-law eyebrows, lol! Beautiful dinner bouquet, too!

Jean, I will remember you like Spartacus ~

And Shirley, so happy you love your daylilies, loved the compliment too *big grin*

WHO did I send a Clematis to? I split a box of 2 with somebody as part of a monthly swap & mine is finally blooming now - a Sweet Autumn.

THREE people have picked fabulous new names for 'Black Spot' so far ~ anybody else have name ideas? ~m'

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namso(Z5 OH)

Marea, ill play....my choice is Marea's Tipsy.

lol the color looks like a really fine wine to me. :)

loved the pics all.

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I don't know who sent me this plant, but want to know what it is and if it is a prennial. my 3mo ol great grand child, don't know sex yet, please pray for him , she lost her first one. isn't he cute, I badly want a girl so know it must be a boy

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Carol, the plant looks like a balsam to me ... it is an annual. But it will produce an abundance of seeds and comes back for me each year. Super duper easy to pull out any starting where you don't want them. I grow them each year. They will grow and bloom in part shade also, I like them with dark coleus.

A prayer sent for that precious little one.

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Thankyou Sharon for the prayers and id you are right, the person who sent it to me id it as peppermint balsam, gonna be in my garden from now on, what a bloomer. I work 4 days in a row this week, hope I make it. hugs carol

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I hope you make it too, Carol! Here's lots of good energy to make it easier ***********************

Shirley, that 'Aurora's Wedding' is shore pretty! Seeing it tonight I remembered this Summer's photo of 'Nothing Beautiful Lasts'...

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Ohhh Marea, that 'Nothing Beautiful Lasts' is excellent. I'm a sucker for muted pink tones all blending together.

Here is the picture of the Aster Michaelmas Daisy with my sedums. The nicest spot in garden right now. Click on pic for a larger view.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Just love every one of your garden tableaus, Sharon.

Has anyone talked to Nancy lately? She was supposed to be healing nicely, but she has been awful quiet.
Same with Barb.

Here's 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' with my frog ~

And here is the Viola I bought seeds from to plant with my 'Bluegrass Chocolate Frost' and my 'Black Spot'/"Pomegranate Velour"..

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Hello All love the pic's
and that FROG!!!...hehe

There is/or was flowers beds on both sides of the walk.Witch I lost some of on both sides.In some land fill there is hostas growing/cry.

All the rocks my DH moved for me.So I wouldn't lose any.Took a long time to gather all of those..hehe

The grassed in garden.The whole thing up set me so.I just let it go.Putting grass seed in flower beds,I mean really.Yes and on both sides too.

After clean up and putting back the plants we saved by moving.Thou I was told I wouldn't have to move anything but the rocks.

Poor little bird in the jar.Poor thing was so upset,but I just had to get a few pictures of it.

Birds having alittle fun in the puddle in my mud area.heheh
Haven't gotten the slate down yet.Summer sure did fly by.Smiles.We had standing water all over the yard from the heavy rains last week.

Needed a place for a new flower bed. You see I brought this rose bush and just couldn't find a place to put it...and ..hehehe..oldest child say he knew I couldn't go a summer without digging a new bed..hehehe

And you see I had hosta,daylilies and a few other plants coming in the mail..hehe

Garden in a truck??? We redid some flower beds for my MIL
this year.Well she lives in sand country so we started by bring in dirt.This is just one of the trucks loads we took out to her.My SIL,son and self dug up and replanted two of her beds.Then started working on going around her garage.
We have to go out and plant some fall bulbs for her soon too.She wants so tulips for spring.

Well I think someone now needs to start a new picture post.
Sorry if I slowed this one down to much.

Hugs and prayers,Jean

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namso(Z5 OH)

Great pics all....adding more...


a few pics from here....all loved..:)

from Shirley...wow was i impressed by this one
Spacecoast Fantasy Flight

same goes for this one from Barb
Breakfast at Tiffany's

this one has been here awhile...from Debbie...but boy did it love our hot and drought this year
Black Eyed Susan

and this pics is for Sherri upon request. the liatris may even be from her years ago. when she was here, it was in bud and doing odd things. the stargazer in front is from our very own G

not necessary- renaming of the above liatris form. lol.

and a couple of Tim Bells....loving those edges
Angel of Peace (guest plant here)

Samuel Bell

now we really need a new post :)

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Wow Jean! Love all your gardens. I had to laugh at the comment about 'not going a year without putting in a new garden' ... they USED to say that about me, but for the first time in 4 years I did not add any. Ahhhh, it was kind of nice. You have some nice accessories in your gardens.

Marea, cute little green friend yu have there.

Cindy, that stop sign is a riot and so is the liatris! Great daylilies! Wow to those edges!


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Cindy-You sure captured the beautiful pink in Spacecoast Fantasy Flight love that picture. Beautiful stop sign.


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