Corn Gluten Meal

tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)March 5, 2012

Hi all,

I'd planned to spread the corn gluten meal that I got Saturday on Saturday afternoon, then realized that the lantana needed to be trimmed back before I did that because the (grrrr) crab grass had also been growing in the lantana. By the time I cut back the lantana and cleaned that up, it was too late to put down the CGM. I didn't have the time on Sunday and had to work today. I'd planned on going to work late one morning this week so that I could spread the CGM. Today I find out that we (North TX) have a (pretty decent?) chance of thunderstorms on Thursday. So, my question is, when do I spread the CGM? I really want to get it down in time to stop the crabgrass but I don't want it to be washed away...and the front yard is a slope.


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Corn gluten needs to be soaked a little after spreading, but then needs 2-3 days of dryness after the wet for it to be effective. It'll last a couple of months. But I don't think it'll keep your crabgrass from growing this year. Crabgrass will grow from previous year's seeds. So spreading CGM will help you in your cause next year, but just yanking them up when you see them will be your best bet this year unfortunately. What will also help is covering garden beds with a good layer of mulch, and keeping your lawn healthy by mowing high. It's less likely to spring up if there's no bare/unmulched spots in the landscape.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Thanks PDub, but...I've removed the grass from most of my front yard and replaced it with salvias of differing types and lantana and mulch. I'm trying to prevent last year's seeds from growing. I put down a good layer of mulch last fall and plan to put down an even better layer of mulch this month but thought that putting down a layer of CGM and watering it and letting it dry before putting down the mulch would work better at keeping the nasty crab grass from germinating. I'm a couple weeks behind you, since I'm a tad bit north of Dallas. And I don't think mulch deters crabgrass as I'd mulched areas last year that consequently had crabgrass...and I really don't want to have to be out there pulling weeds again. Did that last fall and the last two weeks! My body's telling me that I'm too old to be bent over/kneeling down to pull weeds for 1-2 hours a day!

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