growing english ivy on trellis

parker806(zone 8 GA)June 9, 2008

i have 2 big pots of english ivy. i want to grow them on a trellis i have. should i plant them in sun or shade or partial sun? they are in back yard now and get partial sun but no room there for the trellis. where should i plant them? thanks for the info.

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Do your country a favor and get rid of it.
It is invasive to the point it is killing trees all over the United States.
Just look it up on the internet, put in Southeast and English Ivy on a google search, and look at some pics in your area and what it is doing to the forests.
The birds spread it, it gets berries and the birds spread it all over.
Throw it out and buy something else.
What about a native honeysuckle that has beautiful flowers?
or a vinca vine?

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Is this English Ivy?

I have enjoyed how well it has grown, but only just found it that I should think of getting rid of the Ivy.

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That's a rocky, shady area of the yard that we've had a lot of trouble with so we figured about 4 years ago that some Ivy might do the trick. My sister lives in Europe and told me that she is having a difficult time getting rid of Ivy near her house. I had no idea how bad this could be for trees and other plants as well. So why is it being sold????

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I know.
I wondered that myself.
Someone gave me a little pot of English Ivy as a gift, the pot is sooo cute.
I just stuck it on the front porch, and looked it up on the internet.
I was truly stunned by what I saw of the forests in the south east.
That's a shame!
Mabey it is because the southeast doesn't get the hard cold winters that I get up north, I don't know.
It's so cute, I don't want to throw it out.
But I'm not planting it in the ground.
It looks nice on your tree.
I don't know what zone you are in, but if you get really cold long winters, mabey it isn't invasive in your area.
Then again, they still sell cigeretees and alcohol, which technically aren't good for us either.
I don't think Ivy would climb on a trellis, because it clings on with little "feet".
A tree, a wall, a wooden fence probably yes.
I don't want to give you a guilt trip, poster, I was just stunned at the poor forests in your area when I saw the pics.
Good luck to you in any case.

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Butterfly, the Ivy is gone! Now for the roots. We tried to pull as much as we could off the tree and fence, and all on the ground is gone, but there are some stubborn roots that we have to go back and cut/dig out. I too felt guilty about keeping it. Now for some shade plants. Any ideas? We will dig as deep as we can to rid ourselves of the Ivy. I was surprised at how good the soil is though. Before we had the Ivy there, it was like cement, hard and dry.

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