How to concentrate worms for harvest?

marauder01July 6, 2009

Hi all,

I'd like to give away some of my worms to a friend, and would love any ideas of how to concentrate a ball of worms in one place to make it easy to grab a handful.

EG. Maybe a half a cantelope or other favorite food to draw many into one location etc.

This is from my compost bin, to which I added half a cup of composting worms to about 12 months ago, and is now literally crawling with big fat juicy reds. There is much feed available to them, so I dont know if a food treat will work.

Any ideas would be good.


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So what's the problem?

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The easiest way to concentrate worms is to simply grab a few handfuls, and leave them on a table under a light, or even sun if you won't abandon them there. Use gloves if you're squeamish. Take 10 minutes or so to let them burrow down away from the light, then gently scrape away layers of bedding/compost materials. The worms will continue to burrow down and concentrate naturally.

However, if your friend is interested in composting with the worms, you may as well just give them the few handfuls, excess and all, and call it a day. The worms will be happier starting out in a new system if they are in familiar bedding when they are first put in that system.

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The issue is getting them into those "few handfuls". Even in my flow through bin, it's difficult to get a large grouping of worms together, let alone in an actual compost bin.

I would try the cantalope as you suggested, or whatever other food your worms seem to congregate around.

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Thanks guys for the ideas.

I think the simple "you may as well just give them the few handfuls, excess and all, and call it a day." might just be the ticket, as they will get cocoons as well. (thanks mama)

If I find a way of balling up the worms, I'll let y'all know (maybe the fork idea ...... lol @ mama's hubby)


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You could get one spot in the pile wetter than the rest of the pile. See if the worms concentrate there.

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