Fragrance of GoldFlame and Halls Honeysuckle update

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)June 10, 2013

I have a Goldflame Honeysuckle vine. I planted it the other day. I have 2 open blooms. The fragrance is really sweet! I love it.

Today I went to Lowes. They are selling tons of Honeysuckle vines. I saw Goldflame, Mandarin, Peaches and Cream, Hall's and another one that starts with Sweet. Anyways, there were many flowers on the Hall's. I smelled it. It's fragrant. It's more of a lemon scent. it's not bad.

I know it's personal preference. To me, Goldflame wins on fragrance. I'll be ordering Serotina something late August or September. Many website claims it has the best fragrance. I hope I won't get disappointed. :)

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The Hall's is Lonicera Japonica and is classified as invasive in almost every state. I would stay away from it and probably say something to the store manager at Lowes. Most of their plants are supplied and managed by outside companies.

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You are right. I did some research few weeks ago and yes, it's very invasive.

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