worm composting ehh?

crappygardner23July 25, 2008

ok guys,i just came across this and it sounds really cool.could somebody fill me in on what exactly ya'll are doing and how its done,i'd like to get started on it but what type of bin do i make,materials to compost,and what type of worms do i buy?and please take it easy on me,after all i am a crappy gardner!

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squeeze(z8 BC)

your best bet is to do some simple searches of this forum and start reading, hard to give ya a "short course" in one post, when we don't even know if you're listening

the most common bin is a 17 gallon Rubbermaid tub ....
bedding is wet shredded paper and cardboard ....
foodstock is your kitchen waste, as well as other misc. organic material ....
don't need to buy worms, dig in someones manure pile, check a garden with good rich soil, look under leaf litter, or put a 'wanted' in your local freecycle or craigs list

the usual type is called Eisenia Foetida or red wrigglers, and you'll be more successful if you learn a bit about how worms work and the conditions they need to thrive


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thanks bill.so i geuss any earth worms will do?

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squeeze(z8 BC)

"earthworm" covers a lot of species - the more commonly used Eisenia Foetida is easy to find in organic-rich environments, the European Nightcrawler [or Canadian] will work but not as well IMO, and is the one you'd find living in average soil and leaving small humps of soil when they surface .... Nichtcrawlers are what will usually be sold as fishing worms, Eisenia as composting worms


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Hi Bill! Just to clarify European Nightcrawlers are a composting worm (Eisenia hortenses)(old name Dendrobenia venetta). Canadian nightcrawlers are (Lumbricus terrestris) the true nightcrawler. It feeds at night during times of dampness. They are called Lob/Dew worms in Europe. So when we speak/write about a worm its best to use the latin name in conjuntion to common/local names.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

Eisenia HortensIs?

when I'm talking about what's found on the street [or store], to someone who doesn't know there are hundreds of "earthworm" species, a nightcrawler is a nightcrawler [even if sometimes called Dew worm], a red wriggler is a compost worm to a gardener, crappy or not :) I'll leave the Latin to the reference links

as I said, IMO any Nightcrawler [an "earthworm" found in soil habitats] isn't as good for vermiculture as red wrigglers, an "earthworm" found in areas very rich in organic materials, and requiring that habitat to survive


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Hi Bill, The reason for using the latin names is so that no confusion is conveyed. Geographic and local names can and most often are confusing. Take European Nightcrawler as an example! Google it and see what comes up. Is it a nightcrawler like the Lts or a red worm like the Fhs?

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