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mamato3July 31, 2008

I expected with the move to the new wood bin, that wormies would be happier. Apparently not so, as there were about a hundred worms hanging out on the sides yesterday, and the temp felt warm. They were actually tucked into a fold in the landscape fabric.

Any suggestions welcome, as I really don't want to kill them all off!

The new bin is 7 sq ft, plywood. It's painted white on the outside, and bare wood on the inside. I have landscape cloth on the botoom, to keep wormies in, and away from my overlarge drain holes. Multiple large drainholes. The lid is not exactly a tight fit, so they also have air coming in at the top.

The box is up on bricks, because I have crappy dirt. Meaning it rains, and my yard floods. I didn't want the bin to have flooding, so I raised it.

Bedding consists of shredded newspaper, cardboard, and leaves. The leaves were over a year old, and broken up when I put them in.

There has been no food put into the bin in a bit over a week, but it's all gone now.

Thankfully todays temps were cooler, and the bedding felt cool to the touch. YEsterday was extremely hot and humid (storm last night) and the bedding felt significantly warmer than my body temperature.

What could be the problem? Is it possible that over a year old leaves are causing the bedding to heat up some? Or is it just that danged hot? I assume that there were cooler parts of bedding, since not all the worms were up.

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Ambient temperature affecting the worms is overrated. I maintain hundreds of pounds of worms in high densities in my garage all year long. We get temps exceeding 105 degrees occasionally. Sometimes as high as 108+. I never have any die off due to the me, my garage gets HOT!

Now, if I take those same bins, and place them outside where they just get a "Little" direct sunlight...all bets are off. The outside of the bin gets warm to the touch, and the worms die quickly.

If your bedding is warm to the touch, your worms are obviously getting some radiated heat. Suggest you put up some better shade protection right away before you lose your herd.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Worm Dude

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