Shipping of Red Wiggler Worms

horticultureheidiJuly 3, 2008

I recently ordered the can-o-worms vermicomposter and I now need red wiggler worms. I have been unable to find them locally, so I will probably have to order them online. How concerned do I need to be about the worms not surviving the trip since it is July? I live in Wisconsin and the temps can range from 70-90 degrees. Thanks in advance for any advice! Also, if anyone can recommend a red wiggler seller near Wisconsin, that would be great.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

if someone is willing to ship to you, it'll usually work fine, the USPO knows how to handle things - more important is once you find some, get the setup ready before you order - worms settle in best if there's some microbially rich, actively decomposing material they can dive into, if there's not much interesting they'll wander or die off .... try a request on the nearest Freecycle to you, or any free ad paper serving your town, there'll be a gardener around who'll supply you with some for free or cheap


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If you don't have any luck on freecycle or Craig's list let me know and I will sell you some. I ship all over the states and all the worms have made it through transit in fine shape, even during the last heat wave.


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