best vine for tampa?

flvineJune 2, 2008

I have 180 of wood fencing (pressure treated) with concrete columns every 15 ft. I'm thinking about getting a vine to cover it. I want it to grow fast but easy to manage once grown.I'm thinking maybe hedge trimmer to control it. 90% of the fence is in direct sun. The ground is typical FL. mostly sand, some dirt, good drainage. I was on the net reading about a bunch.One being the virginia creeper. I also read about some that smell really bad. Want to stay away from that one. It would be nice to have some flowers and nice smell. but mostly i need it for privacy and different look. any help would be awesome. I'm a cabinet maker and everything i plant dies. help.

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I just posted above********. i also read about some vines not good for dogs. i have a dog. ps. also want to know how far apart should i plant any vines suggested.


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