Re: trellis (not?) for honeysuckle

sarosenJuly 10, 2006

I have a honeysuckle vine that I am wanting to grow up about

6-7 feet (vertically) and then spread out horizontally onto a trellis that runs across the top of the (high) fence.

I had planted this vine some years back, and let two or three vines twist around themselves until it got up to 7 feet, and then let it spread out. Over the years (15 or so), these lower vines grew into each other, making a "trunk" about 2 inches in diameter. Winter before last, the whole thing up and died!! Last year, a few (hooray!!) vines re-emerged, and now they are ready to re-train. My question: Should I just do the same thing? Was letting it twine around itself part of why it died? The vines grew so thick (about 2 inches in diameter), I hesitate to train them onto an ordinatry trellis, as it would overwhelm the trellis. I was thinking of trying to training three vines to grow up in a sort of fan shape, but that would mean trying to force the vine to grow straight for the 6-7 feet, against its natural tendency to twist and twine. Thoughts? Ideas?

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

They grow naturally by twining around each other and into nearby shrubs and trees as a support. Yours didn't really "die" if new vines sprouted from the roots, although you apparently lost the top. There may have been borers or something else that got into the main trunks.

You could try training them as a fan by perhaps making temporary supports (of wood) that can eventually be removed once they vines are strong enough to stand on their own. If you don't want them to twine around the support for the initial height you want, tie them so they lay straight.

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I am totally new to all this and wonder just how to train a honeysuckle. I have it in a large pot on our deck with a 7' fan trellis in the pot and against a wall of our house. I think my main question is, can I just cut vines at random until I have only the ones I wish to climb the trellis left? Also, once it reaches the height and shape I want which shouldn't take very long the way it is growing...can I just keep topping it off? Also, can the same be done with Clematis?
Thanks much for your input.

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