What killed my Kiwi Arctic Beauty vines?

OnlineHarvest(Ontario, 5)July 8, 2011


Weird situation, hopefully someone can help.

I have 3 female kiwi arctic beauty vines in one long bed. Just planted them in the Spring. Two of them are basically dead and the third is following close behind.

What could have killed all 3?

It is well drained soil and receives part sun. However, there is a bed of rocks that basically acts of mulch in the area. Did the rocks (e.g., heat from them) kill the plants?

I thought these vines were pretty hardy, so I'm surprised to see all 3 go, so it must be something consistent with all 3.


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They should have survived. Did you plant them early enough in the growing season to get established?

Maybe the rocks kept the soil too wet going into the winter?

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