Prepping Vines For House Painting

suntower(z5 WA)July 29, 2013


I'm painting my house. Several areas are covered by some really nice vines and I was hoping that I could sort of fold them away from the house to paint. It would take years for them to re-grow. If I do need to cut them, how far back can I cut without killing.
a) 10 yr old. purple (Japanese?) Wisteria.

b) 8 yr old Clematis Almondia. 20 feet long.

c) 2 8 yr grape vines I trained against a wall.

Anyhoo, I just want to take them off the walls, bend them out of the way and re-hang. If I break them, will they re-grow?



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Yes, they will re-grow.

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Hi, wondering what kind of siding you have on your house?
When it is time to try to place the surviving vines back against the house, you may want to consider a lattice panel painted the same color as your house. if the trellis has been mounted to the house in a way that you can 'unhook' the lattice for future maintenance, it will save all future vines. Be sure to put some spacers behind the lattice so that it is not sitting flat against the wall but rather keeps the lattice about 1/2" ro 1" away from the house siding.


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suntower(z5 WA)

OK, I'm done painting. Two questions...
1. I took down the clematis almondia (over 20' long) and the Wisteria (also 20' ) and painted, but re-hanging isn't possible. The best I can do is put a section of each of these on a 5' trellis. Is it better to either:

a) cut it all down to the ground and let it re-grow from scratch or

b) just cut it back to 5' and hang that on the trellis.

...The thing is that the 1st 5' of the thing is woody. My concern is that if I use the 'b' option, it won't re-grow.

IOW: Will it grow new leaves from the wood, or does it have to re-grow from the base?

It looks like the Wisteria could be done this way, but it looks like the clematis needs to start from scratch.

I'm especially concerned since it's now September and I was told years ago that pruning @ the end of summer 'reduces vigor'. Well I want these to re-grow as fast as possible.




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