Can I Trim Back My Morning Glory and How?

desert_rat_dadJuly 18, 2007

My wife recently bought a beautiful morning glory. She asked me to plant it in our garden infront of house (facing east). The problem is, in this garden we also have a couple rose bushes and a rose tree. They are all planted about 3-4 feet apart in a white rock garden. My question is, as you probably have already guessed, can I trim my morning glory back and how? It hasn't climbed horizontally enough yet to reach the other plants, but it won't be long til it does. I would like try to prevent that. Thank You!

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Do you have something near it to climb on besides the bushes? If it has it's own support you only have to trim some of the out reaching vines to keep it off your bushes. A few snips to keep it in check should be OK, but they are meant to climb and the less you cut the more flowers it will produce. What one do you have?

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We will be moving,and I would like to take my morning glories with me. How far can I cut them back,for transplant. They are attached to a trellis 3 or 4 each. They are dorment as of now being winter,we live in las vegas nv.

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