When does Cypress Vine FLower?

butterfly4uJuly 18, 2008


I planted cypress vine seeds and they are really growing everywhere in my yard.

When do they bloom?

I haven't seen a vine like this in my life.

They are really fast growers.

ANyone in the tri state area or northern states growing this vine this year? Is it flowering?

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Mine aren't yet either. I usually see flowers by the end of July early August.

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Thanks for responding Ronnie.
I guess I am just impatient, I am curious to see what they look like.

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Your welcome!âºâº

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

Any Flowers Yet???? I know I planted the Cypress Vine seeds late - June 14 - direct sown in the ground. They took no time at all to come up, and the vines are several feet long, twined around my tall shepherd's hooks. BUT, still no flowers, and I don't even see any buds.
I am in SE Mass. and we have had a mostly dry hot summer, with occasional heavy T-storm rains. But I do keep my plants from drying out with regular watering. I keep hoping to see the flowers soon, but neither these nor my Morning Glories have any so far.

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My Cypress Vines are always late bloomers and don't start blooming for me in my 8a TX Zone until late summer and will then bloom until the first frost.

Mine also have not started blooming yet this year.


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