Large scale vermicomposting

WormEcologyJuly 4, 2014

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the "industrial" vermicomposting (flow-through) systems.

any good or bad experiences?


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Possibly posters with good or bad "experience with the "industrial" vermicomposting (flow-through) systems." post somewhere called something like mega vermicomposters of the world and not wee little garden vermicomposters. Thus why not a lot of replies to your initial post yet.

The term WormEcology prompts me to ask if you are you posting from Britain? I guess that is what those of us who are located in America is called in England and elsewhere. Thus the use of terminology that is not yet familiar to some of us. If that is the case many of us here pride ourselves on our home made systems thus while we may watch how the big boys $$$ do it we attempt to watch our pennies and do the same vermicomposting on the same or smaller scale for less cost.

Or does the term WormEcology refer to a specific brand of ""industrial" vermicomposting (flow-through) systems"? If this is the case then you need to know that many who post here have worm or vermicompost based businesses. Those individuals who grace us with their wisdom, take the time to answer tons of newbie questions day after day and take care to refrain from mentioning their businesses in their posts and one would have to do a bit of research to even know a poster was earning their living with vermicomposting. That is possibly the rules of the forum view-able to posters before they click on the submit button.

If you are a regular poster with a cool name some here do not have experience with commercial systems although they may do as well or better with large non commercial systems. So ask away.

If you are an owner or employee of a company promoting ""industrial" vermicomposting (flow-through) systems" then you are invited to join in and answer the daily 24/7/365 questions posted. Especially those about flow-through systems. Especially about why they sometimes do not flow-through. Or what is the mix of shredded food and bedding sprayed daily on the bins. We really want to know the answers to those questions. Do any of your customers have flow through problems where the flow through does not... flow though? But please do not drop an advertisement bomb and float away. That is not the purpose of the forum.

Nobody responded to you in 4 days so I thought I would at least respond to you. Will you respond to the board?

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Wow, ouch. That was my first post, and this will probably be my last.

I am new to this board, I was seeking information regarding large-scale worm composting. I have the opportunity to compost large amounts which will not work well with the typical household system, and was hoping someone had experience with industrial systems and could point me in the proper direction.

Having spent the past 7 days volunteering as a summer camp nurse, I had no opportunity to check my email/posts because of extremely limited time. 200 campers and 100 instructors in frequent need of medical attention certainly gave me little time to consider how a simple question could expect me to receive a slap across the face.

Regarding WormEcology - it is a user name I created. Silly me, I was interested in being an ecologist way back in grade school, in the 1970's, so I assure you this was a term Americans used to know. By the time I got to college, it was a field which was no longer recognized, and I had to settle for Natural Resources, instead. Having worked for the past 25 years as a mother, and the past 10 as a nurse, my time and skills were developed in a different direction, and now that I am alone, I was hoping to get back into the field.

I certainly assure you that I am a American (grandparents on one side born in both Ireland and Sweden, but on the other side, Mayflower line). This kind of interaction, however, makes me sad to be an American, because you don't find this kind of abuse in other parts of the world.

Enjoy your day.


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I dont think the response was bad at all. I came here for the same reason as you. Im more intrested in commercial type operations,

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Most (all?) of us here are either small or medium scale. There used to be a few large scale vermicomposters who frequented the forums, but they have moved on. I don't know whether that means that they are no longer vermicomposting, or just no longer posting to the forums.

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Thank you, sbryce. I appreciate the information.

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There appears to be no way in which a long time poster can be successful in dealing with the vagarities of the first time poster.

I would advise to simply ignore them except then they complain we are elitest and ignore then.

I would say we give them a brief response and they complain we do not reply in enough detail to their plight.

I would say we give them a detail response and they complain we are over satuating them with information.

I would say we give them just the facts mamm and still not happy.

Some new posters say we are bad if we do not immediately reply with exacting, specific explanations, well researched in their exact topic. Then when given, never reply. Some reply once given great answers whoah nelly, I do not want all that information just a simply answer. At some point in a discussion similar to this pskvorc said something like (and I might have this wrong) only answer if your want to answer. Perhaps the board should have ignored your post. Obviously I should have not taken any time answering it. Feel free to move on. Luckily any replies one posts are useful to those smart enough to research the archives for answers. That is what the smart people do on any forum they are interested in before posting questions. Mostly they read at least 7 questions so they can improve their odds at asking a question worthy of someone taking their time to reply. Some posters are more worth taking ones time to reply to than others. I regret I have not yet learned the obvious difference. This error will not happen again.

P.S. Just add more bedding. It solves a myriad of issues.

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Just add more bedding won't work in a large scale operation. Generally, large scale operations involve precomposting a feedstock that has already been mixed to an optimum C:N ratio. Think manure. I believe cardboard sludge from corrugated box manufacturing has been composted this way.

There are largish scale operations that combine food and bedding together in each daily feeding. Think cafeteria waste.

If one goes large scale, either windrows or flowthrough would be the way to go.

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I don't post on the board often, and this thread reminds me why not. While there is a virtual ton of information being dispensed, there is even more attitude toward people asking questions if certain regulars don't like the post.

No one said you owed a response. You seem to have a persecution matrix established that compels you to respond, and attack the person asking a simple question. Why is that?

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Periodically the board gets posters who are not interested in participating on the board past their very first or few posts. Typically they will join the board and proceed to post about their services or wares and only about their services or wares. No other posts. When reminded about the no advertisements policy other posters with worm businesses are following while replying to many posts the new poster/advertiser frequently delete their posts and close their accounts or perhaps Garden Web does this. Thus this litter is no longer cluttering the board and unless one is active on the board at that time they do not ever see it.

It is unusual for a post to go four days with no replies. Typically a long time poster will attempt to answer their question just to get it off of the top of the page.

"No one said you owed a response." Perhaps you have missed the posts we get after a new poster does not get an immediately reply from the board. We are apparently meanies for not providing answers.

Plus I am particularly good at it.

That is why.

This forum is sort of self moderating.

For further understanding of the topic one could volunteer to moderate a forum anywhere on the web.

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My point, in case you missed it, was that you attacked a new poster on the board who asked a question. You decided (s)he must be an advertiser based on of all things (her) his user name and attacked them thus.

When it turned out to be an actual person with a question, instead of saying "oops, my bad", you went on a tear about new posters. Pretending that person would have done things that (s)he never did.

You have a lot of knowledge on this subject, and I appreciate that you share it, but seriously, please learn to deal with people with real questions, not just the questions you feel they should ask.

If no one on the board answers a question, it would be better than a lecture about something the poster never did.

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This site is much appreciated, and often remarked about, for both the quality of the replies to newcomers and/or commercial wannabe's and the patience of the people here who exert considerable effort to give answers to questions they've answered many, many times before.

That's why responders to those posts often refer the questions to the archives.

Put that together with the perceived and seeming commercialism aspect of the appearance of this post, and the dry style and wit of equinoxequinox, and the "polar vortex"-type chill of twitterish-ness raised its ugly little self.

Sometimes when two consecutive someones ask virtually identical, already often...or even repeatedly... answered questions in consecutive, or near consecutive posts, it can put an underlying, dubious feel to the thread before it has even "blossomed" into a thread.

Maybe we all should at least monitor Twitter a little bit to better appreciate how civil this thing here almost always is.

And archive.

Carlos Danger

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"You decided (s)he must be an advertiser based on of all things (her) his user name and attacked them thus."

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WormEcology, "oops, my bad".

In 1994 and 2004 Clive A. Edwards authored "Earthworm Ecology" a text mentioned frequently here.

I have no idea what I was on about Britain. We usually try even harder to answer questions from less heard from countries.

Yes, the term ecology in the 70's used to be THE thing. Ecology does seem to have disappeared. I do not know where it went but it is good you have brought it back. I hope you will find this board the right place to combine your interest in Ecology and Technology.


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