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karyn1(7a)July 31, 2012

This JMG was mislabeled. It's obviously not a Coco Chocolate but I'd love to know what it is. When I saw the first bloom I thought that maybe it was a blue that had begun to fade but this moring I took this pic and the bloom isn't even completely open so the color is true. I really like the contrast.

Yesterday's bloom

This morning

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I'm sorry if those seeds were from me! I hate mislabeled seeds but I'm more than capable of getting mixed up.
On the other hand, that is an interesting MG. The foliage looks super variegated.

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These weren't from you. These were purchased seeds and I know the seller. He's actually quite reliable. Not sure what happened with this one but it doesn't matter as I like it more then Coco Choc anyway.

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