tomato leaves turn yellow and purple

karthikasJune 23, 2012

Dear all,

I am an amateur gardener. I have some pots in the balcony and I grow flowers and herbs like mint. I do not have problem with them. A month back, I planted some tomato seeds (just the seeds from store-bought tomatoes) in a pot and used the normal soil got from a supermarket. It says that nutrients in it are sufficient for 4-6 weeks. But, the supermarket lady warned me that it will not be sufficient for plants yielding vegetables and fruits and said I need to top up with fertilisers later.

The tomatoes plants grew; there were many plants in the same pot and all was well till a couple of days back. The leaves at the bottom of the plants started turning yellow. Very soon, the whole plant had a purplish hue. And the underneath of the leaves (veins) turned dark purple. A couple of leaves have shrivelled up almost died. In some places, I can see yellow and purple patches. I googled for info, but I am unable to decide whether it is a phosphorous (or some other) deficiency or a disease. Could anyone here kindly help me?

The temperature here varies between 10 and 25 deg C now.

Thanks in advance for all your replies!


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My recollection is that phosphorous sounds right for purple. And perhaps nitrogen for yellow. Determinate tomatoes get to be big plants. Indeterminate tomatoes make determinate tomatoes look small (7 to 10 feet). The "pot in a pot" looks small for a big plant. I'm thinking you need to fertilize.

Add some NPK, add some mirco-nutrients if possible, fish/kelp fertilizer is good. Micro-organisms in the soil is good.

Compose is good. Tomatoes can be buried deep, the underground stem grows roots. So at a minimum you can toss a bunch on top next time before you water. If you are going to transplant, mix it in the hole.

I'm trying a dose of old horse dodo this year for each plant. Plants are big, have flowers. It may nave been too hot to set fruit in the past week.

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Clay is correct about the purple being phosphorous deficiency.

The other glaring problem is if you had many plants in a pot that size there would be too much competition. Realistically, 10 gal pot is the minimum size for 1 indeterminate plant (I would recommend no smaller than 25 gal. but many people claim success at 10 gal.) Fertilize and cull the weaker plants leaving the healthiest one.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

They're starving.

Further, way too many in one pot.

Sacrifice the least vigorous by snipping them off so that you can retain the root system of the one plant in good condition.

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Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I am following your suggestions - applying fertiliser, repotting and getting rid of the weak plants. I will let you know if they survive... Hope they would. Thanks to all of you for your time!

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Plant 1

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Stiull healthy fruits of plant 1.

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Finally, plant 2. Sorry for so many posts.

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