Worm Sounds

mendopeteJuly 24, 2012

Everyone I mention this to thinks I am crazy ;) I know you all will understand.

When I pull back the cover from my worm-bed I can hear my worms. It sounds like rice-krispies when you pour milk over them - snap, crackle, and pop!!I believe it is the worms retreating into the bed to get away from the light. The sounds and smells of a wormery make me feel good.

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I always take that noise as a sign that everything in the bin is running in tip top shape. That noise should be our goal.

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I wouldn't say it's just from them retreating to get away from the light. If I just walk up and put me ear near it without touching anything, I can hear that. I figured it's just noise from them moving around doing what they do. Like equinoxequinox said, I take it as a good sign.

I like the sounds and smells of it too.

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