worm castings look funny

captaindirt(6/7)July 13, 2009

I just bought some wormcastings and when I opened the bag, it looked like ashes.

A gray like powder.

Is this normal and what does your home grown casting look like?


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lostmarbles18(8 southern Az)

Were they real dry? Most castings should look like coffee grounds when moist. Mine do look a little gray when dry.

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Probably gone dry but I believe that a lot of the beneficial bacteria go dormant and get reactivated with moisture. Kind of like when Bokashi Bran is inoculated with EM and then dried out before it is sold.

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Here's what my worm castings look like (before screening).

If it really looks like ash, I wonder if you got sent partially-completed hot compost instead of worm castings? When hot compost is really cooking at 150 degrees or so, it produces stuff that looks very much like wood stove ash.

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chevere33(z5 IN)

I am wondering if the person used 100% newspaper for bedding? I have read that the castings come out gray when that's all the bedding is composed of.

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Mine have turned gray when they dried out.

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Dry worm castings may have a grayish tinge, but should still be in pieces somewhat larger than a grain of sand. A gray POWDER that looks like ashes (as captaindirt described) doesn't sound like any worm castings I've ever seen.

Captaindirt, do you still have the castings? Post a picture? imgur.com is a really easy way to post a photo without registering for an account or anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://imgur.com/

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