Joyce cobb MG

rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)July 24, 2009

I thought this was neat..Two different flowers on the same vine.... Joyce Cobb Morning Glory....

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Pretty! Don't you just love the different variations they can have!

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Thanks Ronnie I was wondering where you were.. Yes they are a neat morning glory...

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Hey Ronnie,

where have you been? glad to see you posting.

Grew joyce cobb a couple of years ago and loved it. collected seeds for the following year and all the bloomed was one that looked like milky way but was more pink in the markings than the typical milky way.

Didn't collect seeds again as didn't like the milky way look blooms

My MG are slow growing, been so cold, raw and damp, then all of a sudden we got some sun and warmth followed by heat, humidity and more rain

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Hi Fran I was also thinking of you too.... :) Nice to see you! Barb

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

HI Barb, I clicked submit before finishing the above post and didn't say HI to you too.

How does it feel to no longer be a "Newbie" to WS? Sure been one crazy growing season. More than 6 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks. Misquittos are raging and they just love me. Just open my front door and they are biting me.

Got to get better in August, it can't get worse, unless I have to turn the heat back on again.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

It has been such a strange year here too..We cant get out of the candian cold front.. I am gonna dig up that heart shape MG and put it in the gh...The morning glories are having it tough with no heat... I hope those mos arent too bad for you... It was a great ws year..Lots of new babies this year..I need to start collecting seeds for all the newbs this year too.. You were one of the first to share your seeds with me as a newbie...I will never forget it either..:) I love GW!

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Hi guys!! Still here but not as frequently, we had such a rotten cold wet spring and early summer and I was so busy getting the yard and house ready for a large baby shower, and then some major dental problems that knocked me on my butt! Blah Blah Blah LOL...I will be posting some of my MGs soon!! I still wish we had a morning glory forum!!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Oh Ronnie, dental problems are bad news, only thing worse than a dental problem is a spine problem,no, combine a serious dental disaster and serious spine problem rolled into one

I've had that, and trust me, I was really thinking death was better than this for about a week or 2.

Yup spine in bad shape and all kinds of added other health things have forced putting off the spine surgery still and it's taking a toll on the garden beds.

The weeds are definetely doing better than the plants this year.

So far have had only 2 MG bloom, Emma which is always right there on the top of the growing list and earliest bloomer and what was supposed to be jaimie lynn.
I collected the seeds from last years blooms and sowed 6 seeds, all 6 germinated and gave 4 to my friend and kept 2 of them.
Naturally all 4 of hers bloomed what they where supposed to be, 1 of mine has bloomed something that was not right and never saw before and the other one has no buds yet.

The ones in my pots are doing far better than the ones in the ground. HMM soil is pure miracle grow potting mix in those pots, the ones in the ground are the soil with a handful of miracle grow garden soil.
Would fertilize them with some MG, but it has rained every day that I am allowed to water, on a mandatory every other day watering plan.

The rest of the gardens aren't doing great either. Perennials are fine, the annuals, well they need warmth, sun and water not what they have been getting.
Only plants that seem to be happy now are my toms that finally got potted in their big huge tomato pots 2 weeks ago and where only 6-8 inches tall then.
In 2 weeks they have grown ore than 2 feet and have buds and flowers on them and some toms as well.

Ronnie how was the baby shower? do you have any pics to post or a link to post of the pics?
Are you feeling better now?

Yes I wish we had an MG forum as well, but I am not paying to be part of a forum that has one either.

Barb, I was so glad to share seeds with you your first year here, watch out I am a terrible enabler on the seeds.

Do you mean you are going to throw out the MG with those beautiful leaves? Don't do that if that is what you mean. dig it up and put it in a 10 inch pot with miracle grow potting mix. don't use the one with the moisture control and watch it grow. Mine are 3 times the size in the pots than the ones in the ground.

It was a great germination with WS. just once we past the first week in June all it has done is rain, rain and more rain, cold, damp, raw and the bugs are just a disaster.

slugs up the ying yang but what I surprise I learned this year. I couldn't figure out why the slugs weren't getting into my beer traps. they always have before when I've had a beer problem.
I'd move pots and find dead slugs underneath them. One day I found all these weird looking black beetles and tiny, tiny, tiny skinny worm type things.

wondered if there was a relationship and went into google and see what I could find.

WELL, i love garden beetles almost as much as my flowers. Those lovely black garden beetles only purpose in life is to kill and poison slugs. and those tiny wormy things are the beetle larvae. Oh what a nice thing to have. they are content with my slugs, killing them, eating them, poisoning them and breeding more garden beetles. do no harm to other plants, just the slugs.

Isn't mother nature wonderful? She even brought me lots of lady bugs to eat the aphids on what is left of my one and only lupin. the one that the groundhog is addicted to.

When I get some of MG I will post them here, but I have posted some pics on the WS forum of what has bloomed already in my other plants.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Hi Fran and Ronnie,

Mother nature is fascinating.. I feel for both of you..How terrible to have to go through health problems... I had a bad tooth one time and just wanted to die it hurt so bad...

Fran I am digging her up and putting her in a pot.. Thank you for the tips..:) I love how everybody helps each other..

Jamie Lynn another I just checked no blooms today. I have one vine getting ready to bloom..I need to check the tag for the name...

Yes crazy weather for the gardens here too.. Too darn cold. We have toms but they just sit there and stay green not enough heat I think? Finally got a squash and the bell peppers are flowering... I have been eating sugar snap peas all summer right out the garden..Yummm... Well best get busy... You all have a nice day and it is sure great hearing from you both...Barb

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Fran the baby shower was absolutely perfect! My niece wasn't surprised...she had an idea but was really surprised and pleased with the turnout, she was just thinking it was going to be immediate family and a few close friends. She was so happy. Now just waiting on the baby!! I sent her and my sis all the pics and deleted mine to save room for the flowers!! LOL

I can't even imagine back surgery I have heard so many bad things about it, like it gets worse, it doesn't work, very sorry to hear you are still dental problems are all taken care of for now. I truly believe sometimes dentist do work that is not needed instead of doing what should have got done in the first place. My pocket book suffered and then I lost both the teeth anyway. Luckily they are in the back and I have decided its not worth 4000 to get then replaced. No one but me can see them, so much for vanity! LOL

Barb I know what you mean about the tomatoes...I have a few ripe but most of mine are at a standstill or rotting on the vine. I was really looking forward to a good crop and lots of sauce!

Time to catch up on my pictures, storms are a brewin for the rest of the darn day and into tomorrow!!

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