Recommendations for Full Sun Area Needed

tarheelbelle(7)July 23, 2013

I'm looking for a vine or ground cover to plant inside a hollowed out stump. The stump is approx 3' in diameter and 3' high. This area is in full sun from around 11am until sundown. I would like something to cover the stump. Sweet Potato vines do well here but I'm hoping for something perennial. I had thought I would use a Sweet Autumn clematis, but I'm afraid it would get way too big for this area. The stump is in the middle of an iris bed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The lack of responses clearly indicates we are stumped by your situation. Hahahahaha

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You might want to try one of the groundcover roses. They are supposed to cascade well and would probably work better than vines, which tend to wrap themselves around every other plant they can reach!

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Thank you audrey. I hadn't thought of carpet roses. Is there a good source online for those? I haven't found any locally.
Sorry to "stump" everyone. lol

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I think most vines would get too large for this area... as most vines were "designed" to reach and reach for light. The only thing I can think of is petunias, but they are annuals in your zone.

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How about a smaller sized grass? It may come out of the stump like a fountain! Grasses come in a wide variety of heights.

Good luck!

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