Celastrus Autumn Revolution (Bittersweet Cultivar?)

driin(5)July 30, 2008

Yesterday I visited my local nursery in hopes of finding a male and female pair of bittersweet vines.

While there, the associate also pointed out a new vine that supposedly combines both the male and female into one and boasts larger than normal berries. How cool!

I don't have the common? name from the decorative supplier tag, but the one from the local nursery was labeled "Celastrus Autumn Revolution".

Anyone have any information on the vine? Or perhaps another name I can throw into Google? My search on the above came back with nothing.

Thanks much!

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I don't see anything on the net other than 'Diana' and 'Hercules'. These are from the non-native invasive Celastrus orbiculatus.
For the native bittersweet, Celastrus scandens, I'm unable to find any cultivars.
The Asian species is a noxious weed in my area ( PA ) and elsewhere so I wouldn't consider growing it. I'm pulling up seedlings of it constantly in my garden . Seedlings have an orange colored root. Birds eat the fruit and spread it all over and vines choke out native woody plant saplings.

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I did find out more about it:

It is a Bailey Nurseries First Editions plant, "Autumn Revolution"

I ended up buying/planting one, so we shall see how it works out :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bailey Nurseries

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Coming to this discussion a bit late since this plant has just made an appearance in Saskatoon, Canada. I have been looking for a male C. scandens and have had very little luck. I first bought two plants labeled male and female several years ago and then found out that they were not only both the same (female) but that they were C. orbiculatus, the very invasive Chinese version. I believe that Autumn Revolution is a hybrid of the native species and the Chinese one since it has flowers on both the leaf axils and the branch ends and the leaves are more rounded than oblong. I have found a reference that mentions a year of hybridization. I think it is wrong to call it a cultivar and I'd be very cautious about planting this anywhere as it will eventually crowd out the native American Bittersweet most likely through hybridization.

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