Looking for a worm source in Central NC

farmsteward(North Carolina 7)July 27, 2009

Starting several bins and would like to purchase local worms if possible. Anyone familiar with a source in central North Carolina?

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Have you checked http://www.vermicomposters.com/ ?

It allows you to search vermicomposters by zip code and will show you if people in your area have worms.

I found my worms off a local seller on craigslist and I know a few people who give away their extra worms on freecycle if you use either of those in your area.

If anyone sells composted horse manure in your area that may also be a great place to go hunting for free worms.

If all else fails there are lots of online vendors that will overnight them to you.

Good luck and congrats on getting your farm going!
Mr Ed

Here is a link that might be useful: Vermicomposters

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