BIG news for this worm grower/murderer

dowbright(z6 in Missouri)July 18, 2012

My pseudo-husband hates worms in the house, because I went overboard and had too many bins several years ago, making it a crazy place. I couldn't seem to stop! So when I went too far, I REALLY went too far. I don't blame him a bit.

But I love creating compost, in every way possible...almost more than growing my garden. I don't know why, but I do. Making great garden dirt is a thrill to me. Seeing it change.

But when he saw my upset and grief at the demise of a large number (amost all) of my worms from the intense heat here in Missouri, he had a change of heart! My remaining worms and their eggs are now out of the screened in porch and in the basement. So far after a few days, not a single bolt from the bins, even though they must by necessity be near the washer and dryer. I feared that would cause upset, with the noise and vibration.

I think they're just so relieved to have cooled off that they'll accept almost anything! For a while, at least. It's a major victory here at our house! So I just had to let you know. It's good to have folks who understand, even if they're virtual strangers as many of us are. I guess I'm saying...

Well, hell! I appreciate this forum and the people who offer advice and opinions here. Nobody in my real life is willing to even talk about it. In fact, REFUSE to do so. So thanks, you guys!

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If I had to have only one container of worms it would be that cloth sided worm inn. I am just too cheep to purchase it. The zippered top would keep flying friends from annoying family. I would put a chair in front of it to keep an eye on what is going on inside of it. Have a tri fork tool. Keep a dishpan or 5 gallon bucket under it for any drips or crumbs. Vacume the area around it frequently to keep it nice for the non womers in the house. My non wormer family would be happier that way. I should do that. If the normal process of turning waste into valuable resource was more well known and used as it should be then the topic would maybe not hold so much interest for us.

Seeing resources that could be used to improve life tossed in the garbage or down the drain is shocking when one knows what they are looking at.

My town gives each household a huge trash can that can only be lifted by a special truck. For many households this is not enough so they are over flowing each week. What kinds of lives are they living that are this garbagey. Each household also has a huge recycling bin.

The people probably just want to be assured that they are more important to you than the worms are.

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

Where is the bag you mentioned available, equinox?

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I also love composting MORE than gardening. It only takes a few weeks to turn smelly horse-poop to wonderful rich smelling VC. In the dry summer months I am too busy fishing to properly care for my garden. But you should see my garden soil!!!! If you lived next door we could have a cold one and talk compost ;)

The cloth bag is sold as the "Worm Inn". It can be googled or check out and buy one from Bentley. Lots of good info there also.

It was not murder, just wormslaughter. Probation is all you will get!

Cheers, Pete

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None of my friends or family want to talk about it either (Thank heavens for this forum!). Why is that? Vermicomposting is so much fun, so little effort, and has such an important role in waste reduction/feeding the soil food web. I love the whole process/partnership so much. It's almost like alchemy-- add "trash" plus worms and poof: get something priceless.

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Need weirder friends :). But seriously if you've got any garden clubs locally, think about trying them out. Good way to get more friends you can meet and talk about the hobby. I've got some after working a plot in a community garden. Not that they were wormies to start, but they are always interested.

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