Hot Worm Bin

thch91August 7, 2009

I was checking on my worms in my Rubbermaid tote a few minutes ago. I overfed really bad last weekend. I had alot of produce that was going bad in my fridge so I froze it, then let it thaw for about a day, then added to my bin last Friday. When I was investigating, the spot where I put all this food is really hot to me. should I do something? spread it out? remove some of it? Ice it down? I pretty much put it all in one spot last week and covoered with plenty of dry shredded newspapers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Depends on the size of your bin. If it's big enough you could move all the "hot stuff" to one corner allowing the worms to get away if it's too hot. They should go back into it once the heating stage is done. Greens + Browns will always = at least some heat.

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I have an 18 gal Tote box. I have all the food stuff to one side. I placed a frozen water bottle in bin last night before I went to bed hoping to cool things off for them. I didn't know where to put that in the bin so I dug down and placed directly in middle of bin. Bad move? Please advise.


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The cooling won't hurt the worms and it's unlikely the heat all at one end will either, at worst the worms will congregate in a comfortable area until conditions are right, lets face it in the wild they survive scorching heat and winter freezes and doesn't sound like your bin is close to either extreme.

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