Does this MG have a name?

karyn1(7a)July 13, 2011

I had this pop up in the garden last year and found another today. I don't know if it's a variety I don't recall planting or if it's a cross with one of the hige varieties that I have had. The central portion opens a bit more but I took these pics very early in the day. Whatever it is I like it.

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Karen it looks like something happened to the bloom on an aomoraski.

Where all the blooms on this vine the same?


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All the blooms look like this. Same thing last year as well. I have a few different solid color hige type plants. Maybe one cross pollinated with a Blizzard or something?

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I had some like that a few years ago from volunteers. I surmised that it was a result of Gypsy Bride crossing with "Emma's Gift", which was the only other purpurea in that area the previous year. None like that so far this year.
Very pretty!

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Karyn - Emma was the 1st person I know to get those...

I can't link to the database but will paste some of the descriptive info here :

Ipomoea purpurea
Flaked Feathered Morning Glory 'Aomurasakihigesibori'
Additional info: (Split Petal Flaked, Flaked Hige)

I think "flaked hige" or "split petal flaked" are the most practical descriptors for those who aren't very comfortable with Romaji...

Hope that helps...



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Thanks Ron. That name is certainly a mouthful! lol I don't remember planting anything with that name but honestly that doesn't mean anything. I'm not the greatest when it comes to labeling my plants.

On another subject, your recommendations worked. I have an open bloom on my MG tree this am and there's loads more buds that should be open soon!

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I just found another plant that's putting out blooms with that odd fringe. This looks like a common I. purpurea until you look at the back.

Ron here's the first bloom that finally held on my MG tree.

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