Planting Tulip trees

carlyg(z8 East TX)March 14, 2007

I saw some at a local nursery. They are so pretty as one of the first to bloom after winter. Should I plant now or wait til fall?

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

If a tree is in a container it will do better in the ground unless the ground is frozen. The best time to PLAN to plant trees is in the fall. However, nurseries get their stock in spring so that it's really,really difficult to plan for a fall planting.PJ

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I just planted one last week and it is doing great

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Yeah, what is up with the tree stock in the spring? I went to the nursery last fall and they had nothing. I go last week and they have everything plus more than I'll ever need. Mind you I'm a tree person. If I could get away with it I would plant a tree every few feet in my yard. So how am I supposed to plant in the fall if they have the trees I want in the spring?

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If you meant Saucer Magnolia or Japanese Magnolia, I planted one last year during Spring as well. It's doing fine. Just as long as you plant it while it's still cool outside, it will do fine. I'd give it plenty of water for a couple of weeks.

Also, you may want to check what kind it is and check it with a local nursery.

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carlyg(z8 East TX)

I think tulip trees are really called Mary Jane Magnolias.

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denisew(z8 TX)

As long as you plant your tree correctly (hole just as deep as root ball and twice as wide), mulch around it and give it tlc the first year or two, you shouldn't have any problems with it.

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Mary Jane's are like Bradford Pears......they bloom before they leaf out, and they look so wierd, because they just are sticks with blooms on them.

Mine is about 7 ft. now. It still looks weird.

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There are a number of different varieties. Some get huge!

I have "Jane" one of the "sisters" series. There are others e.g. "saucer"

They do need fertilizer in the summer, and I was told acidic fertilizer.

Jane blooms later that the saucer.

This year, perhaps because of the drought, mine put on leaves without flowering first! What a surprise! Jane is known to bloom during the summer or fall too. Hopefully she'll surprise me with flowers later.


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carlyg(z8 East TX)

I talked to my grandmother some more about her tulip tree. It is growing in two areas (split) and could probably be separated. She is concerned that it might damage the part that is left if we dig up part of it. Any ideas?

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Yeah, go buy you one. If you some how damage hers, that's all she will ever remember you for. What's $40 compared to that? Besides, planting a container grown tree in spring is alright, but digging one this late, and transplanting it, sure lowers your chances of success.

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carlyg(z8 East TX)

Boy, Jim, you sure most know my Granny!! You are exactly right!!

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My Jane didn't bloom this year. I posted a query on the "trees" forum and got some very useful information on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: from the trees forum...

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

I just bought one from Wal-mart, its on the front porch till the blooming is over (I can see it out my window, and I'm loving it), then I'm planting it in direct line of the window. Hubby gave me Valentine's day cash and when I told him a Tulip tree (aka Saucer Magnolia) was my choice he was excited-who knew they were one of his favs too? We went away for a wk and I just knew I had missed most of the blooming-but my sweet tree waited for me (so did my pear trees) and is just really making me smile:) CJ

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I got a Jane type too. I live in NW part of Houston. I noticed that all the different type of Saucer Mangnolias bloomed about 3-4 weeks ago. Mine was a couple of weeks late. This past week, it was in full bloom. Since my tree is still small, it produced 8 flowers this year.

Rick (rick_mcdaniel), I'm just curious when you said yours is weird. Do you have a photo of it that you can post for us to see?

Mine looks like a bush and I'm wondering if I need to trim around from the bottom for it to grow as a tree? Or, would it just grow up with a main trunk?
Thanks in advance.

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