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ruthzJuly 9, 2011


Fuji no Murasaki

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Nice blooms Ruth...

The 1st bloom doesn't have a specific name although I would describe it as a purple-lavender youjiro with a dilute star pattern along the secondary folds.

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Pretty NOID. I love the Fuji no Murasaki. I have some but they haven't bloomed yet. I just hope they are correctly ID'd as I had what was supposed to be Fuji no Murasaki last summer but that's not what I got.

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Wow Ruth, you have some beauties on your vines. The Fuji no Murasaki is an unusual one, with it having 8 or more white lines when the usual number is 6-7. Awesome!

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Pretty, Ruth! I almost forgot to come here to look at MG pictures....Glad I remembered.

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