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newbie101lt1August 2, 2009

As i posted before i used dirt in my first try at this. They all seem happy so far.Using the euro worm.Eisenia Hortensis.Going to go to a 3 bin setup of either 10 or 14 gal bins.Ordered the coca coir today also and got plenty of newspaper now.After i get this together and move these guys to there new home how long should i wait till i feed them.

Only have about 300 plus euros so far.

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Feed them right away. When they are hungry they'll go to the food. Do pocket feeding. Put a little bit 1/4 cup to start say, in a corner of the bin and cover with dry newspaper. Check it again in a couple days and see if they're eating/eaten it.

If you chop, freeze and thaw the food, it will be eaten much quicker than putting raw, hard food in. It takes time for the food to break down to where the worms can enjoy it.

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Keep them all in one bin for now, not 3. I've read in that if the worm density is less than 1/2 lb per square foot, they won't reproduce well. (And > 1lb/ft2 also diminishes mating.)

Mix the dirt they are already in with moist shredded newspaper, put food on top of that in one corner, and then top with shredded newspaper. There should be cocoons in the dirt, so don't throw it all out. If you've got way too much dirt for your 300 worms, let the unused dirt sit (moist) for 2 months or more and then move the babies over with the rest of the 'kids.' I'm with jasdip. At least in the beginning, freeze and thaw the food to get things started right.

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