How to get rid of trumpet vine

happy_2009July 20, 2009

I planted a trumpet vine several years ago and now it has taken over the fence and other bushes planted nearby. Does anyone know how to kill it. I have hundreds of new plants growing.

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You can either pull each vine as you see it or dig up the roots, but it's a losing battle - go get some Roundup and start spraying!

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bbbizz(5 SouthWestern Ontario)

Hello Happy 2009, I just planted my first trumpet vine this year so I have researched and researched all over the internet for any information to have success and as little pain as possible with this vine.
I did come across one forum where a group of people swore that they were able to irradicate the vine by taking a plastic butter dish with a lid, putting a slit in the lid of the dish and filling the dish with round-up. Going to the very tip of the vine (basically the very beginning of the vine) and soaking as much of the tip of the vine as you can in the dish for a few days.
This is suppose to kill off the plant. I'm not sure if it works but of all the forums I read, this method seemed to work for more people. Worth a try.
Good Luck.

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Good luck. I think it's next to impossible to completely eradicate an established campsis radicans. I tried for over 10 years and finally gave up. Now I just concentrate on keeping it contained to a section of fence at the far end of the yard. It thinks Round-Up is plant food! lol I went as far as injecting herbicides into the cut stems. This would kill it back for a while but it would either begin regrowing or come up somewhere else. I have to admit that it is beautiful when in bloom but it's just so darn invasive.

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You could always move....LOL

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Well, I am reviving this thread in hopes that someone else has a good tip for killing this monster! I cut down the vine early summer of 2008 and it is still spreading out and putting up sprouts.

I go out every day or two to locate the new sprouts and spray with Roundup poison ivy killer, alternating with total vegetation killer, and even though those do die, literally every day or two I will find a new sprout one, two or three feet farther away, in all directions, from the original site.

It seems to be spreading very deeply underground--I have dug down 12 inches at the site of sprouts but don't find the spreading root. Am I going to have to sacrifice my entire flowerbed and bring in a backhoe to get rid of it?

Someone, please help!!

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Digging up the yard with a backhoe probably wouldn't get rid of it either. I swear it's grown below an inground pool to reach the other side of my yard! Like I said before I've finally given up on trying to eradicate this vine and now concentrate on keeping it at the back of the yard. That seems to be working. Maybe by not trying to dig or kill the entire plant it doesn't send out as many runners? I really don't know but I only have to pull up/cut back runners that are popping up fairly close to the main plant now.

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i'm so glad to have found this thread, i feel like this vine is going to start eating the house soon! we keep finding it everywhere!! over the years, we've just focused on trimming, which i think just splits it off to grow more and pulling out any new starts that we see. i'd like to just keep it contained to the back yard also since it's sooo far embedded back there there's no way of removing it. So i'll try the round-up in the front. i don't think my parents had any idea when they bought this house that those two cute vines would be the death of us all!!

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