jmg id if you please

poisondartfrogJuly 7, 2010

Does anyone recognize this JMG? The foliage is variegated and mid-sized, the flower is quite large; larger than it would appear in the photo. Imagine it without the split. It was perfect until I "admired" it to death. I took several photos, but the color was hard to capture-this one is the best representation although the distinct white picotee edge does not appear as cleanly as it does in life.

Thanks, Alana

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That's really pretty and variegated foliage too.

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I think this originated with "Akatsuki no Murasaki" and picked up the gene for displaying only the rayed pattern , although the tube and ray colors are still basically the same as the ANM can display either early or later on in the may have a name in Japan although I don't recall exactly what...

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Thanks Ron! I believe you are right. Growing on the same support is a plant with blooms that look like Akatsuki no Murasaki and they were all planted from the same packet of seeds. The blue is a bit darker and more saturated than in this picture.

They came from a trade packet labeled Hatsu Arashi, which none of the blooms resemble. I think it is a matter of a mislabeled packet compounded by the variation you mention.
I am confident you have solved my mystery!

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