Ground Nut; Apios americana.

ruthzJuly 10, 2012

I'm growing one of these from seed and would like any information on it before planting in the yard.

Especially if it's invasive and hard to get rid of.

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Ruth, I grow it in a 25-gallon pot and have to cut it back constantly. I only grow it to harvest seeds for trading. The flowers are insignificant, imho. If it gets out of control, cut it off and hit it with Roundup.

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Kay I can't believe that you think the flowers are insignificant. I think they're beautiful and actully grow it for the blooms. It's also a host plant for skipper butterflies. I have it both in the garden and in a large container. It can get kind of out of control in the yard but I have deep barriers in the garden to keep it from escaping. Why bother growing it from seed? It's so much easier to start it from a tuber and they reproduce like mad underground. The tubers are edible and I might try cooking some this fall. They are supposed to be similar to a potato.

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Karyn, let me re-phrase my statement:

In MY yard, the blooms are insignificant - they are sparse and about the size of my pinky finger nail. I had no idea they had tubers. People ask for the seeds and I often have them - again, the only reason I grow it.

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I'm surprised they are so sparse. I grow mine in very poor soil but I do give them quite a bit of water. Most of the tubers are marble size and towards the ends of the roots but there's several good size tubers close to the base of the plant. I think those are the ones you are supposed to eat. I have't tried them yet. I use the smaller tubers start new plants. They were a staple food of many of the native Americans.

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Hello All,
I have ordered ground nut tubers to plant in my garden, which is beside a creek. I am hoping that they do well, but I have one problem, MOLES! I have tilled up the spot where I am going to plant the tubers and they love to forage through newly turned ground searching for grubs and other insects. At least that is what I've heard. I found a tunnel leading to and from my sage plant which also a perrenial. I also heard that moles do not eat plants but can destroy their root system by the burrowing that is done in search of food. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this? Will the moles eat my tubers?


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