Aomaraski + other MG, doubtful it's the same

suseart(9a)July 15, 2009

Ok, after learning from several of you about the ID of this MG, I still don't think the purple one is the same thing as the one Fran showed pics of. The Emma's Gift/Aomaraski/Bluish Purple flaked Shibori is not on the same vine as the one that has consistently bloomed solid purple with no white. The Aomaraski is on a green vine, the purple one is a reddish vine. I planted three seeds in a hanging basket. Two are positively Aomaraski, the third one can be seen on different days, always blooming the same way. If Fran or Emma or "eyes" or anyone else still thinks it's the same species I would just like to know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aomaraski and ?

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if the vines are actually different, I would say that the purple one is a different vine than Aomaraski. My Aoaraski vines are all green, never seed a reddish color to it and the ones that are growing now are also green.

I not really sure what it is though. I don't recall any vines that are reddish in what I have grown that are even remotely similar in color.

I have knoila black and star of yelta growing and they don't have a reddish vine to it.


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the vine on my heavenly blue- if that is what it is- is also a reddish sort of color. I'll post a close up tomorrow to show you what I mean. When all my MGs were first growing from seed, it really shocked me to see several of them with that reddish hue rather than all green.

The problem is that they were packaged together- the ones labeled Kniola's Black that mostly appear to be Aomaraski. They're beuatiful no matter what they are. I would like to know for certain, since I'm putting all the names and common names together with pics.

Thanks for the info!

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Susan can you get a real good close up of the purple one? Do I understand they were all in the same seed pack?

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Ronnie, these were not in a "seed pack". I ordered some Hollyhocks on Ebay, and the seller sent along a "bonus pack of Kniola's Black Morning Glories" that she had put together herself- not a company. And yes, I will get a really close close-up of the vine and the purple flower tomorrow morning- flower itself is long gone now- HOT here- east San Diego county is so hot- I feel bad that they don't last longer on the vine...:(


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