What would you plant against this fence?

ladyofdragonsJuly 4, 2011

Hello folks, I need some advice if you'd bee so kind. I'm very new to gardening and am continually second guessing my self! I have a length of fence, about 8 feet, that I'd like to put a trellis and vine against. I have a narrow bed available so I can plant in-ground.

Ideally I want something evergreen, with red/orange or red/yellow flowers. If it had pleasant fragrance and/or attracted hummers/butterflies that would be even better. I am zip 94550, which I believe is zone 9b. The fence faces west, but is on my back patio so it gets late morning to mid afternoon sun. Here's a picture:


I have Blood Trumpet Vine that I thought I could prune (Distictis buccinatoria) but now I am thinking it will just be too much to control? (And possibly not even flower for me during the time I'm living here the next ~5 years?)

I love the idea of a Honeysuckle, so I am considering Dropmore Scarlet (Lonicera x brownii), but will it be evergreen in my climate? (winter nights sometimes get below freezing, occasional frost)

Any other suggestions? This fence is what we see from our family room and kitchen, so I would love the view to be pretty!

Thank you in advance! Cheers,


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The first question I have is 'how do you plan to plant them - I see a solid fence, concrete and a bit of gravel'. If you could provide a few more of your ideas, maybe we could help. Aristolochia elegans is a favorite vine of mine that doesn't spread from where you plant it.

Next question: do you want to trade your red Distictis buccinatoria vine? If so, email me for my plant list - this vine has been on my 'wish' list for years!

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The little bed between the walkway and fence is just under a foot wide (those redwood containers are gone now). I've dug it out and replaced it with garden soil, so I hope to plant a vine in ground there along with some annuals. I have a 36"x90" trellis that I'll attach horizontally near the top of the fence with a second smaller one below it forming a "T".

Alternatively, I could use a large container to the right of the bed and add a trellis to it.

And hmm, I might be interested yes, though my Dictictis is pretty large, it came in a 10 gal pot w/ 3ft stake and has a ton of growth on it. I would certainly need some guidance on how to ship such a thing!

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Email me through my page to discuss a possible trade. Thanks!

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I think this vine would be stunning:

Pyrostegia venusta - do a google.com search and look at images - the hummingbirds love it and I think you will, too. I've been hoping to trade for this vine for a loooonggg time!

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