Some kind of Japanese vine??

its_genetic(6)July 11, 2007

We recently purchased our home and inherited many plants. I had a vine last year that I might of destroyed this spring when I cleaned out the beds. The previous owner said it was some kind of Japanese vine. Heart shaped leaves, small purple blooms, then had a purple/maroon colored seed pod on it in late summer. I attempted to save some seed pods last year, but made the mistake of putting them in a plastic bag and they molded. Would really love to replace it... thanks for any help.

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Is it Kudzu? It is just a guess, but google it. It looks like you can eat it too..yum!

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IF it's kudzu, it's almost impossible to kill---and you do NOT want to propagate it. It IS edible---in Japan, they make flour from the dried roots. But in the southern part of the US, kudzu DESTROYS/OVERWHELMS hundreds of acres of fertile land each and every year.

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