JMG Question for Ron (or anyone) if you have time

poisondartfrogJuly 13, 2010

One more JMG question if anyone has time to educate me yet again. This question regards the same JMG that I requested an ID for last week to which Ron responded:

"I think this originated with "Akatsuki no Murasaki" and picked up the gene for displaying only the rayed pattern , although the tube and ray colors are still basically the same as the ANM can display either early or later on in the may have a name in Japan although I don't recall exactly what..."

Here is another bloom from that group of plants with an unusual formation in the center of the bloom. Is this a defect, or a desirable anomaly? If the plant sets seed, will the subsequent plants be likely to exhibit this characteristic? I rather like it so I think I may hand pollinate subsequent blooms to try to get a few seeds. I have a suspicion that the extra material might preclude natural pollination.

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Hey Alana - What you have going on there is the gene for double petals peeking out a bit and is throwing out a little flag waving hello...

I happen to like the look of some flags from the center (notice how it picked up the lighter outer edge), although if it goes completely double it won't produce any far I've never seen any Ipomoea nils that produce all fully double blooms that will produce seeds , although there are fully double and triple Ipomoea purpureas that are still fully fertile...

The petals that issue from the center are from either stamens or the pistil turning into petals and which will not usually function as a reproductive organ if they turn completely into regular petals...although an anther might still produce some pollen coming off of the side somewhere...or even produce half of a stigma...

The stamens and the pistil that do not turn into regular petals will usually still function...

You can always cross pollinate in addition to any selfed assisted pollination to be sure that you get some seeds...

Hope that answers your question(s)...



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Yes indeed. Thank you!

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skippy05(z7 PA)


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