Raw Blended Cashews

reedandleafAugust 31, 2012

Hey everybody,

What do you guys think about feeding the worms raw, blended (creamed really), unsalted, organic cashews?

I was going to make something for the ol' DS with them, soaked them in water overnight (thus ruining them for storage) and then DS decided it didn't sound good anymore. I can't eat them myself and they are now past the point when I could have given them away. These organic cashews are horribly expensive (not too pleased with DS right now, lol) and I just hate to pour them into the regular compost. If I gave them to the wormies, then at least they'd be going to somebody who'd enjoy them. You know, "For a good cause!"

I know in general, "If we can eat it, they can eat it." But I love my little guys and thought I'd just check in here first. Anybody ever give their worms nuts?

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I have never done it but would not hesitate. Plain, unsalted, organic.... why not?

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Thanks Mendopete, I agree and appreciate the response :)

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