CrossVine not Making Progress

jmcnyc(6)July 23, 2012

I planted this crossvine in a pot in early spring and it has done nothing. Any advice on how to get some progress? Some of the issues may be the culprit:

1. It gets lots of sun

2. I water it every few days - and by the time I water it the soil has dried out.

3. I didnt give it to much support (one string) - was hoping it would cling to the wall on its own.

Any ideas?

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The first year it will fill the pot with roots and maybe a little top growth - the second year it should leaf and branch out nicely and the third year it should bloom.

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I bought some bareroot crossvine plants a couple of years ago. They died quickly. I tried to sprout seeds but failed. This year I bought a small crossvine plant in a pot and after it quickly grew a 5 foot tentacle, I ground-rooted 10 plants from it and am finishing up rooting another 30 from those 10. I then put the Mother plant in the ground in September and it's already got 2 branches that have climbed over 6 foot up Oak poles I'm using to construct a veranda. That plant is a prolific grower but I bought 2 Tangerine Beauty plants just a month after I got the native Crossvine and the Tangerines are just now only reaching about 3 foot high.

Some plants are just more vigorous than their brothers.

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