starch packing pellets for bedding?

tedevore(7b Al)August 26, 2009


This may have been asked before and I should search the forum, but....

We get packages where I work where the packing pellets are made of "vegetable protiens and starch", they look like giant beige cheetos. I witnessed somebody here eat a couple, so they aren't poisonous apparently. The company that ships stuff calls them "puffns."

If you add a little water they get nice and moist and soft. If you left them in a tub of water long enough they could completely dissolve.

Anybody used these in worm bedding? I have a big supply and it seems like something the worms might be happy moving through.

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You would need to check and see if there are any chemicals in the pellets to inhibit mold, insects, etc.

These would be food, not bedding.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

I have put them in the bin but i didn't have a lot
It sounds like a good experiment I wonder if the whole thing would turn soft and goooy

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I just dissolved about a cubic yard of those last week! We've been trying to clean out the basement and finally went after the boxes of peanuts that we'd been storing since our wedding. It was a lot of fun watching them dissolve!

Based on how they responded to moisture, I'd expect that they would get goopy and glue-like very quickly. I wouldn't add too many of them!

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